Follow the Great British Bake Off 2014 contestants on Twitter

Ten out of twelve bakers are tweeting - so who looks like a champion, based purely on their social media?

It’s a week since the Bake Off contestants were allowed to announce themselves, including on Twitter. Naturally they’ve been tweeting about that, but what were they like before? And whose tweets look like the microblog of a champion? Follow them all below…


MARTHA @marthacollison

Bio: “I only have friends because I make good cake.”

Followers: 450

Before Bake Off: Retweets of people like Caitlin Moran, Jeremy Vine, Adam Hess, Radio Times and Viz. The man’s got taste. We like him. Almost never tweets directly though.

Now: Pretty much the same. 

Winner? Absolutely no clue. 


Bio: “Family man. Baking man. Cooking man. Sporty man. Reading man.”

Followers: 170

Before Bake Off: Chat, IT, some light politics, and lots of stuff about Cake Eaters Anon, a Nottingham baking circle.

Now: Baking, his own and that of GBBO contestants past and present. He also enjoyed Secret Cinema last week.

Winner? Hmmm. Might be too much of a social baker rather than a trophy-winning expert.

IAIN @iain_watters

Bio:A builder and baker who likes to travel”

Followers: 231

Before Bake Off: Not much, he only started last month. Food, mainly.

Now: Baking, Bake Off. 

Winner? Has dark horse written all over him. What we can see looks delicious.

CLAIRE @bake_therapist

Bio:Baking, caking, wife-ing, therape-ing, camping, cooking, eating, loving”

Followers: 271

Before Bake Off: Bake Off, chat, TV (inc Doctor Who), memes, plus stuff about mental health issues (she’s a speech and language therapist who works with adults and children with developmental disabilities and people with autism spectrum conditions).

Now: Hugely and quite rightly excited to be on the show. 

Winner? Probably not a finalist but will be a great contestant.


Was on Twitter but hardly tweeted and now seems to have deleted/suspended her account.


Not on Twitter.

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