Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

14-18 July: Amber sees Daniel and Paige kissing, while Kyle’s ego is bruised when he learns that Georgia has deceived him

Monday 14 July


Paige is alarmed when her brother, Ethan, arrives unexpectedly in Erinsborough. To her horror, he quickly begins flirting with her sister Imogen and she warns him to stay away. Naomi’s guilt about stealing Georgia’s engagement ring gets the better of her and she returns it. Kyle discovers that the furniture orders which he has received are actually from Georgia, which prompts him to question whether or not he can trust her. 

Tuesday 15 July

Brennan announces his plan to host a housewarming party, which Ethan decides he will attend in order to get closer to Imogen. Naomi takes advantage of the fact that Sonya is helping out at Brennan’s to spend the afternoon with Toadie and suggests that a tense Sonya would benefit from a few days’ break at a retreat. At the party, Kyle and Georgia finally announce a date for the wedding, and Paige makes a move on Daniel. 

Wednesday 16 July

Paige considers telling Josh about the tension between Daniel and his girlfriend but finds she does not have the heart. Instead, she confronts Amber about her feelings. Imogen can no longer deny that she is attracted to Ethan. Bored of people seeing her as a good girl who doesn’t take risks, she skips school to spend time with him. Bailey works hard to win his parents’ forgiveness. 

Thursday 17 July

Already stressed from trying to help Paul through his depression, and further agitated by the news of Imogen’s truancy, Terese signs an important document on Paul’s behalf without his authority. Brad also suffers when he arrives at work late to find his boss Ricky there before him. When Ricky learns that Brad has used the gym to run private yoga classes, he is sacked on the spot. Paige begs Ethan to leave town. 

Friday 18 July


Sonya and Toadie struggle to spend any quality time together and end up arguing. Naomi is quick to repeat her suggestion that they spend some time apart, and the couple reluctantly begin to see her point. Josh offers to help Amber with her photography, but his attention soon wanes and he leaves her alone with Daniel. Finally, the pair share a passionate kiss. Karl is unsure that Paul is fit to be mayor after he witnesses an emotional exchange between Paul and Terese.