Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

23-27 June: Alf finds Tamara after the hit and run, while ohn and Marilyn plan a birthday surprise for Jett

Monday 23 June


Heath and Bianca are beside themselves as Summer Bay searches for Darcy and baby Harley. Will they be found in time? Alf discovers Oscar’s hit-and-run victim, Tamara, in a ditch and rushes her to hospital. John and Marilyn decide to give Jett a birthday to remember. 

Tuesday 24 June

After a frantic search in the National Park, Darcy and Harley are found. Have the rescuers come too late to save the baby? Following a boozy night out, Oscar and Zac both fear that they may have been involved in Tamara’s accident. Evie advises Oscar not to say a word. Casey returns home in a terrible state. Will Brax have to take drastic measures? 

Wednesday 25 June

Chris makes elaborate plans to woo Denny, who is back in Summer Bay. Spender, however, fails to play his assigned role in the scheme. Both Zac and Oscar visit Tamara in hospital, while Evelyn continues to insist that Oscar keep quiet. A tattoo removal gone awry leaves Casey in danger from blood poisoning, but he refuses to seek treatment. 

Thursday 26 June

The news that Josh and Casey are brothers continues to cause tension for the Barrett and Braxton families alike, so Phoebe plans a picnic to smooth things over. Chris assures Denny that he is no longer afraid of commitment. When she starts talking about her feelings, however, it seems that not much has changed. John’s decision to keep Marilyn out of the loop regarding Jett’s birthday backfires disastrously. 

Friday 27 June


Jett is unimpressed by John’s birthday present of a less than seaworthy boat. Under pressure from both Andy and Maddy, Josh struggles to decide whether or not he should move back to Mangrove River. Heath has done some serious thinking while Harley was in hospital. When he calls Jess to announce his decision, however, he gets some shocking news – Jess has died.