The 10 new emojis we’re most excited to use…

The fantastically-named Unicode Consortium has announced more then 250 new emoticons. We picked our favourites.


The Unicode Consortium – the organisation responsible for designing and making emojis available – have released a bumper batch of new additions. 256, to be precise. But among some fairly boring updates – pointy arrows, hearts, drops of water – are a batch of jazzy new icons.


Among those that excite us the most? A Man in a Business Suit Levitating, a Chipmunk and a Super Sleuth (with Sherlock-style upturned collar, of course). 

In our books, the bizarrer the better. So here are – in our humble opinion – the ten best emojis (hopefully) coming to a phone near you soon… 

1. Man in Business Suit Levitating

2. Sleuth or Spy

3. Chipmunk

4. Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended

5. Dove of Peace

6. Beach with Umbrella

7. Portable Stereo

8. No Piracy

9. Racing Car

10. Cloud With Tornado

It’s worth mentioning that there’s no guarantee all of these will actually make it to our personal devices. The Unicode Consortium has dibs on designing and the update will come with its new version Unicode 7.0 but it’s up to the likes of Apple and Google to decide what eventually becomes available on our smartphones when they update their keyboards. 


For a full list of the new updates, visit the Unicode website.