Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

30 Sep-4 Oct: Lucas is caught out by Matt, while Kate breaks up with Mason

Monday 30 September


Hudson cracks while being questioned and reveals that he did not go straight home on the night of the hit and run. The cops discover the gambling den at the old radio station, prompting Matt to propose that Robbo’s death was related to gambling. Before Lucas has a chance to come clean, Matt catches him with all the cash.

Tuesday 1 October

Lucas is questioned and tells his side of the story. After he is allowed home, Vanessa is very upset to find out that Lucas was gambling again. When Paul hears Lucas’s story, he thinks he has figured out who killed Robbo. Josie is banned from seeing Callum.

Wednesday 2 October

When Paul and Mason confront Marty, saying they believe he is the guilty party, he says that he will go to the cops with a story implicating Paul. Terese finds evidence of Imogen’s bulimia and promises to help her overcome it. After hitting it off with Susan, Jack Lassiter offers to get the student radio station back on the air.

Thursday 3 October

Mason shocks Kate by suggesting that they should try for a baby. As Georgia misses another shift at the hospital, Karl worries about the effect that losing a patient has had on her. Inspired by Jack, Josh comes up with an idea to bring in listeners to the radio station – a treasure hunt.

Friday 4 October


Lou and Sheila take the treasure hunt very seriously. Kate realises that she and Mason want different things and she breaks up with him. When Lauren gets a message from Robbo’s mum, Mason thinks he has figured out the password to Robbo’s laptop. As the charges remain over his head, Toadie loses another client.