Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

17-21 June: Lauren comes face to face with an old flame, baby Patrick goes missing, while Kyle struggles to adjust to life without sight

Monday 17 June


Ramsay Street gathers in three separate locations to watch the solar eclipse – a rare astronomical event which foreshadows changes to the lives of everyone in the street.

At the Turner House, Matt and Lauren host a barbecue. In the lead-up, Karl, Lucas and Toadie are worried about Steph – who is off her medication – and uncontactable. As the eclipse gets underway, Lucas proposes to Vanessa – again.  She accepts – again.  Bailey and Rani share a charged moment. But an even greater shock is in store for Lauren – as the sun comes back out, she comes face to face with her first love, Brad Willis, who has moved to Erinsborough with his wife Terese and two kids, Joshua and Imogen. Finally, Lucas and Vanessa discover that Baby Patrick has disappeared…

At the Share House, Amber arrives to watch the eclipse with Chris, Kyle and Georgia.  Seeing Chris’s discomfort, Georgia warns Amber that her infatuation with Chris is jeopardizing the friendship.  As the eclipse begins, Amber realises the position she has been putting Chris in and apologises.  Meanwhile, Bossy steals Kyle’s safety glasses.  To the horror of those around him, Kyle stares at the eclipse with his naked eye – and seriously damages his retinas.

At Lassiters Lake, Paul stages an event to promote The Eclipse Apartments.  Mason – working as a waiter – impresses Paul by charming potential buyers.  Paul starts to feel guilty about shafting him.  

However, during a conversation with Sheila, Paul realises he is justified in his desire to protect Kate.  During the eclipse Mason, swept up in the moment, tells Kate he loves her. But before Kate can reply, she sees a shocking sight across the lake… a man who looks just like her dead ex-boyfriend, Mark Brennan.  She gives chase, but by the time the sun comes back out, the man has gone…

Tuesday 18 June

Having found Patrick’s pram empty, Vanessa and Lucas raise the alarm and Matt swings into action. Matt quickly ascertains that Steph is responsible for the kidnapping, after he meets new family, the Willis’s. Things only become more dire when Toadie informs him that Steph is off her meds. Vanessa grows more and more worried as time ticks by with no sign of her baby boy. Meanwhile, Matt heads down to the station and Toadie organises a search of their own to augment police efforts. Matt is frustrated when he finds himself sidelined at the station, while out on the streets of Erinsborough, Lucas rakes himself over the coals for refusing to see the signs of Steph’s obsession. Lucas finally receives the much longed-for call from Steph, only to realise that she is far more unstable than anyone knew.

Meanwhile, new family the Willis’s throw themselves into the community spirit, joining the search. Exploring the streets of Erinsborough, they reveal things about themselves – sometimes deliberately, sometimes inadvertently. By the end of the day, Imogen has offended Kate, Joshua has put Mason off-side and Brad has revealed to Terese that new neighbour, Lauren Turner, is in fact an old flame… a fact that Lauren pointedly avoids sharing with Matt. It’s clear that the arrival of the Willis’s is going to lead to interesting times.

Having seen a flash of a man she thought was her dead ex-boyfriend, Mark Brennan, Kate is haunted by the unanswered questions of her past. So much so that she almost misses the chance to declare her love for Mason in the here and now. Having told him that she loves him too, she then sets about putting old ghosts to rest.

Wednesday 19 June

Lucas is frantic after receiving a phone call from Steph – she’s given no clue of where she is, and now she’s switched her phone off. Vanessa’s anxiety reaches breaking point as she angrily tells Lucas this is all his fault for bringing Steph into their lives. Vanessa later confides to Sonya that she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to forgive Lucas if they don’t get Patrick back safely. The search for Patrick continues, and Matt and Kelly receive a tip-off from a local motel manager that a woman matching Steph’s description is staying in one of the rooms. Matt and Kelly arrive too late – it seems Steph has just left. Growing ever more frantic, Lucas finally manages to make contact with Steph, who tells him she wants to “go back to that special moment”. Lucas finally figures out what she means, and races to the Men’s Shed, where he finds Steph with Patrick. But as Steph descends further into a delusional psychotic episode, how will Lucas get his son back safely?

Lauren’s uncomfortable when she realises Terese knows she and Brad used to date. Lauren asks Terese if she’d keep that information to herself for the time being, as Lauren hasn’t yet had a chance to tell Matt. In the meantime however, Brad puts his foot in it and discloses the information to Matt, who’s not happy as he confronts Lauren and asks why it’s a big secret. Lauren assures him it’s no big deal – and she didn’t tell him because she was scared he would over-react. Brad later apologises to Lauren for the slip-up, and she assures him it’s fine. But  there’s still undeniable chemistry between Brad and Lauren, in spite of how eager Lauren is to convince her husband otherwise…

Kyle has burned his retinas by looking directly at the sky during the eclipse, and must rest his eyes by wearing eye patches until they recover. Sheila’s attempts to be helpful only serve to make things worse, and Kyle quickly realises just how hard it’s going to be to live without his eyesight.

Thursday 20 June

Lucas is forced to participate in Steph’s delusion that Patrick is her son Adam, in order to get his baby away from her. Convincing Steph that he still loves her, Lucas finally convinces Steph to put the baby down, allowing him to rescue Patrick while Matt takes Steph into custody. Lucas, Vanessa and baby Patrick are reunited. Lucas apologises to Vanessa for not believing the warnings many people, including her, gave him about Steph wanting more from him than friendship. He reassures Vanessa that he never wants to see Steph again. Meanwhile, Steph is admitted to hospital for treatment. Georgia helps orient her back to reality, which is when we see the true Steph: a deeply vulnerable woman grieving for the children she has given up and desperately misses.

Rani finds it increasingly awkward to act with Bailey, particularly in the climactic scene where their characters kiss. Bailey thinks she’s uncomfortable because of the moment they shared during the eclipse, but Rani denies all. However her actions belie her words as she calls the rehearsal off. In the guise of discussing the play with her father later, Rani airs her confusion over choosing between Callum and Bailey. Callum is bewildered by her odd behavior and Bailey advises Callum to be a more attentive boyfriend. Callum takes the advice and gives Rani a gift. Rani’s touched, but when rehearsing the play’s love scene again, alone with Bailey, her true feelings betray her, and despite a promise to Callum not to kiss until the performance, she and Bailey do – passionately. And they’re unaware their kiss has been witnessed by Sonya.

Kyle’s temporary blindness and loss of independence increasingly frustrates him, especially when Lou puts his back out helping Chris unload a delivery of timber for Kyle at the yard. Determined to take care of himself at home, Kyle burns his hand, which prompts Sheila, Georgia and Chris to discuss a timetable to look after him. But Kyle’s not happy, and sends them all out. He tries again to take care of himself, but injures himself again. His helplessness is really starting to get to him.

Friday 21 June

Kate tries to convince herself she imagined seeing Mark Brennan during the eclipse, but she can’t shake the feeling it was real – even when it starts causing problems for her and Mason. Needing to put the idea to rest, Kate searches for an explanation, asking Toadie for help. Toadie finds out Wes Holland – the main threat to Brennan’s life – has recently been killed. Kate latches onto the hope this could mean Brennan might have come out of hiding. But she finally accepts how unlikely her theory is, and resolves to put it out of her mind for good and commit to mending things with Mason… until she’s rocked by an unexpected visitor.

Guilty after her kiss with Bailey, Rani is horrified to learn Sonya saw it happen. Doing her best to convince Sonya they just got carried away by the scene, Rani makes up her mind to put Bailey well out of the line of temptation – by cancelling the play. But after Ajay makes her realise she can’t do that, Rani’s left at a loss. Then she realises the solution has been staring her in the face: she can choose Callum in real life and in the play.


Paul tries to keep up his usual ways at Lassiters, but new manager Terese isn’t having a bar of it. Putting him in his place with polite professionalism, Terese warns Paul it’s in his interests to keep her on-side.