Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

Mason's return causes turmoil at the Turners, while Susan has second thoughts about the divorce

Monday 25 March


Having heard that Mason is missing, Lauren and Matt find it difficult to concentrate on anything else. Bailey’s keen to see his brother too, but for very different reasons. When Mason finally appears, Matt demands to know where he’s been, but Lauren’s just happy to have her boy home. Bailey’s quick to grab a moment alone with Mason, and we learn that, though innocent, he accidentally became involved in the robbery that resulted in Matt sending Mason to juvie. And the two brothers are faced with a new problem when they realise the proceeds of the crime have now disappeared. Unaware of this, Lauren and Matt hope they can finally find a new beginning in Erinsborough. But when Mason and Matt find themselves alone together, Mason’s true feelings come out. Full of anger at his dad, he vows he’ll never forgive him for putting him in prison. Matt’s hopes for a fresh start are shattered. 

Priya hopes the harassment she was suffering is over, although Kate remains worried for her. Meanwhile Callum makes a play to win the affections of Rani. Working with Sophie, he sets off on a hunt to prove class bully Alister was the one who set up the abusive Facebook page about Priya. But when he presents the evidence to Rani, she’s reluctant to help her mother out, feeling she owes her nothing. Callum eventually convinces her to do it. Believing Alister is also responsible for the obscene texts she was receiving, Priya’s glad this is all finally behind her – and extremely grateful to Rani for giving her the proof she needed. Though things between mother and daughter remain strained, it seems to be the beginning of a thaw between them.

Tuesday 26 March

Thrilled to have Mason back in the family fold, Lauren organises a family dinner to celebrate his 18th birthday. Matt, however, is uneasy, now knowing how much Mason resents his decision to send him to juvie. Sensing his dad’s anxiety, Bailey seeks reassurance that they did the right thing in keeping the secret from Lauren. Meanwhile, with the gnome still missing, Bailey is worried about what will happen if Robbo comes looking for the money. But Mason assures his younger brother Robbo won’t be a problem. Mason turns up at Fitzgerald Motors looking for work, only to find Chris being threatened by Ralphie. Mason sorts out Ralphie, in exchange for Chris putting in a good word for him with Lucas. Although Chris suspects Mason is dodgy, he is forced to honour the deal. Pleased Mason returns to his family and they celebrate being back together – but their tensions are still simmering beneath the surface. 

Priya receives yet another creepy text, and believing the culprit to be Alister, resolves to expel him from school. However, she is shocked to learn that the person texting her is actually Alister’s father Brian. When Ajay learns the truth, he’s furious and reports Priya’s harassment to the police. With the situation resolved once and for all, a humiliated Priya breaks down apologising to Ajay for putting him through this sordid mess. Ajay assures her it’s not her fault, and realising that he still cares deeply for her, suggests they go to counseling together – bringing the couple one step closer to reconciliation. 

Exhausted by Angie’s constant meddling and undermining, Sonya decides she has to go. Kind-hearted Georgia pleads her aunt’s case, pointing out that Angie’s just trying to be helpful. However, when Sonya finds Angie going through her handbag looking for evidence of drug taking, she’s deeply offended. She snaps, ordering Angie out of her house. An indignant Angie is forced to leave Ramsay Street. But how will Sonya explain to Toadie why she’s just kicked his mother out of their house?

Wednesday 27 March

Toadie returns from his overseas work trip to the shocking news that Karl and Susan are getting divorced. While Susan is keen to get the divorce finalised as quickly as possible, Karl stalls for time. When Toadie pokes holes in the contract, Susan prevails on him to fix it up quickly . With the paperwork in order, Karl gives up trying to delay the inevitable and decides to file for divorce in person. He is unaware that Toadie has met with Sarah Beaumont and urged her to try to change Susan’s mind. While Sarah’s well-meaning attempt falls flat, Susan does come to realise why her marriage with Karl failed and how it can be saved. But has her realisation come too late? 

Chris gets his license back but avoids talk about cars or driving, piquing Sophie and Tash’s concern. While Tash prefers to let Chris sort through his issues in his own time, Sophie quizzes Georgia about treatment options for PTSD patients. Realising Chris will need to admit he has a problem before he seeks treatment, Sophie engineers a situation where he will be forced to drive. She fakes having appendicitis, knowing Chris will be unable to drive her to the hospital. But instead of admitting why, Chris rips into Sophie for ambushing him. Has Sophie’s attempt to help Chris forced him further into denial? 

Georgia spreads the word about a camp out at Lassiters Lake to raise funds for Erinsborough Hospital’s Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. 

Thursday 28 March

Susan is desperate to track Karl down and stop him filing the divorce papers – but Karl is avoiding her calls, assuming she’s pressuring him into hurrying up the separation process. Susan begs Matt to give her a lift in the police car in an effort to head Karl off at the Family Courts – but on the way there they see Karl’s car and give chase. Susan’s confused when Karl turns back into Ramsay Street, and takes the opportunity to make a heartfelt appeal to try and save their marriage… 

Georgia is confronted when Jana seeks her advice on Kyle, wondering why he’s shying away from being physical with her. Uncomfortable, Georgia resists the temptation to throw a spanner in their relationship and tells Jana to hang in there. Kyle feels increasingly guilty at keeping Jana at arm’s length, and eventually he’s forced to admit to her that he just doesn’t feel the spark. When Kate finds Kyle alone and miserable she can’t keep quiet any longer – urging him to tell Georgia how he feels. Kyle races over to see her – but a surprise visitor scuppers his plans. 

Andrew is hurt when Paul refuses to consider him for a vital new role at Lassiters. Encouraged by Tash, Andrew pitches a case as to why he should be taken seriously. Paul still refuses to give him the job, but tells Andew if he wants to prove himself he’ll need to start at the bottom – as Paul’s lackey. Determined to fast-track his career, Andrew agrees.

Friday 29 March

Georgia’s stunned and Kyle frustrated when Scotty turns up out of the blue just as Kyle is about to reveal his feelings for her. Declaring his love for her, Scotty proposes he move to the city to be with Georgia. While Georgia pleads for space to decide, disappointed Kyle pours his heart out to his Gran. Although Sheila advises that it’s probably for the best, heart-broken Kyle still finds it difficult to accept, especially when Scotty comes round the yard the next day. Georgia discusses her feelings for Scotty with Sonya who reminds her that she’s grown up a lot since she and Scotty got together. Nevertheless, Georgia’s love for Scotty wins out and she decides to give the relationship another go. Scotty, keen to show his commitment, is full of ideas to help out with the Camp Out For Charity night. 

The distance also slowly closes between Ajay and Priya, who attend their first marriage counselling session together. They move one step closer to reconciliation. Ajay attempts to convince Rani to join in his thaw towards her mother, and Rani reluctantly agrees. However, just as it looks like things might recover for the Kapoor family, Paul turns up and drops a bombshell. 


Karl and Susan are happily reunited and romance is in the air. Old ghosts are finally laid to rest as Susan makes sure Sarah Beaumont is leaving Erinsborough. Toadie’s intrigued as to who convinced Susan to change her mind about divorcing Karl. A reluctant Sonya reveals it may have been her, but remains vague about the exact nature of their conversation. How long can she keep her fears about relapsing a secret from Toadie?