JJ Abrams’ post-apocalyptic drama Revolution comes to Sky1

Watch a trailer for the new sci-fi series from the Star Trek director, which comes to the UK on 29 March


JJ Abrams’ post-apocalyptic drama Revolution comes to Sky1 on 29 March.


The latest TV offering from the director of Star Trek Into Darkness is set 15 years after the world’s electricity was mysteriously switched off and all technology blacked out. Cities fell into darkness, planes dropped out of the sky and soon everyday life had changed beyond recognition, as governments disintegrated and warlords and militia took over.

Revolution follows survivor Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) as she sets out to find her kidnapped brother, Danny, while exploring the mystery of why the world’s power failed…

The NBC series also stars Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell, Graham Rogers and Zak Orth.

Watch a trailer below:


Revolution comes to Sky 1 on 29 March