Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors – lost episodes to be animated for DVD

The 1967 Second Doctor serial will be released on DVD this August featuring animated versions of its two missing episodes

Classic Doctor Who adventure The Ice Warriors will be released on DVD this summer with animated versions of the serial’s two missing episodes.


Starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, The Ice Warriors was originally broadcast in 1967 and marked the titular Martian monsters’ first appearance in the BBC sci-fi drama.

Unfortunately, two of the story’s episodes are missing from the BBC’s archives, but their audio tracks exist – so they will be recreated by award-winning animation studio Qurios for the new DVD release.

Dan Hall, producer of BBC Worldwide’s classic Doctor Who range, said: “We’ve been discussing the various ways Qurios could reconstruct these episodes for over three years. So it’s really, really satisfying to finally see them animated. Qurios have a great track record in excellent and innovative animations.”

To whet viewers’ appetites, BBC Worldwide has just released a minute-long “work in progress” clip of one of the animated segments of The Ice Warriors:

The home release of The Ice Warriors will follow the Martians’ return to TV in the new series of Doctor Who, which is due to kick off on BBC1 on Saturday 30 March.

As well as The Ice Warriors, 2013 will also see the incomplete William Hartnell serial The Tenth Planet reissued on DVD with an animated version of that story’s missing fourth episode.

The Ice Warriors is tentatively scheduled for release on Monday 26 August.


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