Entourage movie confirmed

Vinnie, E, Johnny, Turtle and Ari are heading for the big-screen in a feature-length project written and directed by Doug Ellin

Fans of Entourage who have spent the past 18 months pining for the loss of Vinnie, E, Johnny, Turtle and Ari will be delighted to hear that the ensemble are officially making their transition to the big screen. 


The hit HBO series – which follows film star Vinnie and his close circle of friends – originally ran for eight series between 2004-2011 and starred Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven.  

The show’s creator, Doug Ellin, has written the screenplay and will serve as director on the movie, reports Deadline. He had previously hinted that the plot will pay attention to Piven’s character Ari Gold who was last seen quitting his agency job before being offered his dream role as chairman of Time Warner. 

“There are interesting developments about Ari as a studio head,” said Ellin at the time, “and that’s still the first page for me. But foremost is the friendship between the guys who are still hanging out and going to fun parties, and it continues with the same characters.”


Warner Bros. are yet to unveil an official production start or cinema release dates, but it is understood that deals are currently being brokered with the film’s original stars.