Michael Gove's favourite rapper appears on Newsnight credits

Watch Jeremy Paxman sign over to the Education Secretary's favourite "chap hop" star Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer..

Michael Gove's favourite rapper appears on Newsnight credits
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Michael Gove likes hip hop. Probably not a sentence you were ever expecting to read... Now, before you get too excited, no, we're not talking 50 Cent and Dr Dre - the Education Secretary's preference lies in the niche genre of "chap hop" - a posh parody of the American rap style, plummy accent and all. 

Gove's favourite "artist" is a chap known as Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer - a man who entertains his audiences with the likes of "They Don't Allow Rappers in the Bullingdon Club" and "Bullingdon Breakdown". 

Enjoying his moment in the spotlight, Mr B was a special guest on last night's edition of Newsnight, accompanied by his banjo and a gravity-defying moustache. We particularly enjoyed the wry look of glee which accompanied host Jeremy Paxman's sign-off: "In case this musical genre has passed you by here is live, uncut and wild, it's leading exponent..."