Why you should follow… @TVArk

If you like TV (and the past) there's only one new Twitter account you should be adding to your collection...

The olden days was better, wasn’t it?


Everything was rubbish and we had to walk 20 miles to school, eat coal, take a beating and say ‘thank you’… but it was a simpler, happier time.

Of course it wasn’t – the whiz-bang 21st Century is where it’s at with all the Snapchat, endemic obesity and ‘shipping’ you can handle. Fact.

Fear not if you are still conflicted, because today’s recommended Twitter account combines the best of both worlds – bringing the antiquated cathode ray-fueled television treats of the 20th Century to the black mirrored smart phones and tablets of the modern era.

TV Ark (@TVArk to Twitter users) is a real boon for television aficionados and general entertainment fans alike as it gently (but constantly) reminds you of classic TV idents, logos and other bits and bobs from the golden age of telly as you go about your important daily affairs on social media.

Whether you like looking at numerous different incarnations of the Channel 4 logo in the 1980s or require insight into how the BBC globe of the 1970s span round (it was a tiny mechanical model the size of a shoebox lit by a 10v festoon bulb) there’s something for everyone at TVArk and on its sister website, TV Ark.

So if reminiscing about Radio Rentals and perusing strange Test Card-related content is your bag (which it is in the case of this writer), this should be your one new Twitter follow today.


Now for the weather and “Close”…

Follow @TVArk now!