Dabbling with the idea of getting a smart TV? There’s never been a better time to buy one than now.


From the Samsung QLEDs, to the Philips range and the new Amazon Fire TVs, there's dozens of makes, models and sizes to choose from, for every taste and need. Unsure where to start? Don't worry, we’ve got the perfect guide to the best smart TVs to buy in 2023.

But for now, we’re looking specifically at Sky Glass. With high-quality picture, sound and usability, these devices are a great addition to the world of smart TVs. Sky Glass TVs give you access to a huge range of streaming services, as well as exclusive Sky channels and perks.

Unfortunately, they are sold only through Sky itself, so you won’t find one hanging about at Currys or any other retailers who might be reducing their prices. On the upside, Sky is running a great number of deals on these TVs themselves – so you can still grab yourself a saving.

Here are the best Sky Glass offers for this month.

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What is a Sky Glass TV?

Get 3 months Sky Ultimate for free with Sky Glass

Sky Glass is Sky’s very own brand of smart TV. Originally released in 2021, it contains all the elements of a Sky Box in one neat, slim package. This includes all your favourite streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Disney Plus, alongside Sky’s exclusive channels and entertainment bundles.

One of the biggest perks of a Sky Glass is that it can function over WiFi, so you won’t have to get a pesky satellite dish installed. The TVs also come with a built-in soundbar and a 10-bit HDR display, so you can be fully immersed in your favourite show, movie, or sports fixture.

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The TVs come in multiple colours including dusky pink, racing green and ocean blue to fit in with your home, and several sizes: 43’’, 55’’ and 65’’.

For a deeper look into these top-notch smart TVs, be sure to check out our guide to What is Sky Glass?. But for now, take a look at these brilliant Sky Glass offers.

How many Sky Glass offers are there?

As Sky Glass TVs are exclusively available through Sky, there are often only a limited number of offers available. But thankfully, Sky is pretty good at creating new deals and discounted packages each month, so the tech team at RadioTimes.com is here to make sure you stay up to date.

Best Sky Glass TV offers at a glance:

Best Sky Glass offers for October 2023 in the UK

Get Sky Glass for £14 a month

What’s the deal: Right now, you can get a 43’’ Sky Glass TV for just £14 a month, with an additional £10 set-up fee. The contract lasts for 48 months, or you can pay £28 for 24 months. After the first three months, you will have to pay an additional £26 a month for Sky TV and Netflix costs, which takes your total up to £40 a month.

Why we chose it: £14 a month is a great price for such an advanced smart TV. With this, you can get access to hundreds of channels, movies and events, plus voice control, while making small and manageable payments.

Get Sky Glass for £14 a month

Get Sky Glass, Sky TV, Netflix and Superfast Broadband for £27 a month

What’s the deal: For a limited time only, you can get a Sky Glass, nine months of Sky's Superfast broadband and three months of free Sky TV and Netflix for just £27. This price will last for a six month period, before returning to £53 per month.

Don't forget there's a £39 set-up fee for the broadband and a £10 upfront fee for the TV.

Why we chose it: This is a great bundle that gets you six months of hassle free entertainment as well as a new TV. The deal will get you an average broadband speed of 61 Mb/s plus alongside all the perks of a Sky Glass TV.

Get Sky Glass, Sky TV and Superfast Broadband for £27 a month

Sky Glass and Sky Live bundle for £20 a month

What's the deal: With a new Sky Glass you can add on Sky's latest feature: Sky Live. Sky Live is an interactive camera which is designed to turn your TV into an all round fitness, gaming and video experience. You can now get all this from just £20 per month for the first six months.

Why we chose it: This is a great way to test out Sky's latest tech at a fraction of the cost. You also get Sky Entertainment and Netflix in this bundle so you can get watching all your favourites straight away.

For a closer look at this nifty new device, check out our guide to what is Sky Live?

Sky Glass and Sky Live bundle for £20 a month

Get Sky Glass, Sky TV and Netflix for £14 a month

What's the deal: This deal will grant you access to Sky Entertainment, home of shows such as The Sopranos and Succession, as well as Netflix which you can watch on your brand new Sky Glass 4K TV for only £14 for six months. After the first three months, the price will revert to £40 a month for the remainder of the 48 month contract.

Why we chose it: This deal offers the convenience of having all your favourite shows in one place. Not only that, you'll have a snazzy smart TV to watch them on, all for a very reasonable price.

Get Sky Glass, Sky TV and Netflix from £14 a month

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Get nine months free Ultrafast+ broadband with Sky Glass, Sky TV and Netflix

What's the deal: You'll get a Sky Glass 4K TV, three months free Sky TV and Netflix and nine months of free Sky Ultrafast+ broadband for only £14. After three months, the price will go up to £40 and then to £74.50 after nine months.

This contract lasts 18 months, and there's also a £10 upfront free and a £39 set up fee.

Why we chose it: Sky's Ultrafast+ broadband offers an average download speed of 500 Mb/s, a game-changing speed for anyone searching for fast broadband.

Get nine months free Ultrafast+ broadband with Sky Glass, Sky TV and Netflix

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