We really are spoiled for choice when it comes to TV. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that great TV shows and films are in high demand to keep us entertained when it hasn’t always been possible to get out and about. Streaming services like Disney Plus are life-savers when it comes to keeping the whole family entertained, and other platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, NOW TV, and Netflix always have something to watch that tickles your fancy.


Recently, we’ve seen a rise in boxes that let you watch all of your favourite shows, no matter the streaming service, all in one place. The latest addition to this group is Virgin Media’s Stream, a TV box that allows Virgin Media broadband customers to group their subscriptions into one monthly payment. But what is the point of them? And is Sky Q worth it?

Well, it makes sense to have all of your channels, apps and subscriptions in one place. This way, it’s simple to flick between them, in comparison to having to close one app and open another. Now, we’re not saying that’s particularly strenuous, but it can't hurt to make life a little easier either.

With the introduction of new products like Sky Glass joining the ever-expanding Sky family, it can be easy to keep track of exactly what each product does. And, which are worth your money. Here's our comprehensive guide on what is Sky Q, how much it costs and whether it's worth the investment.

Buy Sky Q from £26 a month

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What is Sky Q?

Billie Piper I hate Suzie
Billie Piper in the Sky Original series I Hate Suzie Sky

Sky Q is effectively where you can see your services, apps, and channels all in one place. It allows you to flick between Sky TV, Netflix, Disney Plus and whatever else you fancy.

It launched in 2016 to replace Sky’s current services, Sky+ and Sky+ HD. It’s a multimedia platform which combines your usual telly with on-demand and catch-up services, such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All4, and third-party apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Spotify.

The standard Sky Q box supplied with any Sky TV package is the Sky Q 1TB. It comes with 1TB of storage (1 terabyte is equal to 1000 gigabytes), so you have plenty of space to record your favourite shows, including Sky Originals like I Hate Suzie and Gangs of London, and you can record on up to three channels at once. You can also pause and rewind live TV - perfect for you Sky Sports customers out there.

Does Sky Q come with a Sky Q Mini box? It doesn’t. If you'd like to watch telly in Ultra HD, you’ll have to pay £12 to upgrade, and that’s the same with watching videos on more than one screen. If you want to access your Sky subscription on more than one TV at once, you’ll need to sign up for Sky Multiscreen for £15. You’ll then receive one Sky Q Mini box to put in a second room, and if you're after more than one box (you’re allowed up to four per household), it’ll be an extra £50 per box.

Sky Q comes with a voice-controlled remote, too. If you’re stuck for something to watch, you can ask: “What shall I watch?”, and it’ll suggest films and shows for you to view depending on your past searches - clever, right?

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Buy Sky Q from £26 a month

How much is Sky Q?

Michelle Keegan, Damien Molony and Joseph Gilgun star in Brassic, a Sky box set Sky

The signature Sky bundle is £26 a month for an 18-month contract, including a one-off £20 set-up fee. It used to be £38 per month, so that's a saving of £12! With this, you can enjoy over 300 channels, including Sky documentary channels and Sky Box Sets.

Buy the Sky signature bundle for £26 a month

Is Netflix included with Sky Q? Yes - you can watch Netflix in your Sky deal! In 2019, Sky teamed up with Netflix to offer the subscription service with Sky Q for just £3 per month, much cheaper than the standard Netflix subscription, which currently starts at £6.99 per month.

Get Netflix with your Sky Q subscription

Ultra HD is an extra £12 a month on a 31 day rolling contract. To watch your favourite shows on multiple TVs, a subscription to Sky Multiscreen (an extra £15 per month) will get you one Sky Q Mini box. If you’d like to enjoy Sky on even more TVs (you’re allowed up to four screens), an extra Mini box will set you back £50.

You can customise your Sky Q package with optional extras, such as Sky Sports for £20 a month (down from £32!), Sky Cinema for £12 a month (also reduced from £19!), and Disney Plus for an additional £7.99 a month.

Save money on Sky Cinema and Sky Sports with a Sky Q subscription

How to buy Sky Q?

How can you buy Sky Q? Simply head over to the Sky website, click on ‘Sky Q’ in the top bar, tap ‘Get started’, then add more of what you love and begin building your package.

Is Sky Q worth it?

Parks and Recreation
The cast of Parks and Recreation available on Sky Q NBC

Two of the most important questions you can ask when making a purchase are: How much is it? And is it worth the price? In this case, how much is Sky Q? And is Sky Q worth it?

In our opinion, Sky Q is worth it. Mostly based on the fact that you can build your package exactly how you like, so you’re only spending as much money as you want to.

The Sky signature bundle is £26 a month - reduced from £38 - then it’s up to you what extras you add. However, with over 100 channels not on Freeview, including Sky Atlantic and Sky Max, and 500 box sets on demand, such as Parks and Recreation, Brassic and Chernobyl, this bundle is a great starting point.

Save £12 on your Sky Q subscription

Sky customers can also enjoy the Sky Go app for absolutely free! Designed for both iOS and Android devices, Sky Go lets you stream and download TV, films and sport, including live TV and sport, so you’ll never miss a moment of your favourite videos when you’re out and about. For Sky Sports customers, this is particularly great, as you'll never miss out on a match. You can also watch the shows you’ve recorded at home on the Sky Go app.

Is Sky Q any good? We certainly think so. Rather than fight against streaming services like Disney+ or Netflix, Sky Q has integrated them into its service. And the apps are easy to find, too. In fact, the whole service is straightforward to use. It gets a thumbs up from us!


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