If you've been looking for a new TV in your home, Sky has the answer — Sky Glass.


Released in 2021, Sky Glass is so much more than a TV. Designed to work with how we watch TV nowadays, it has all the features of a Sky box built into the TV set and works through WiFi rather than a satellite box.

Sky Glass has industry-leading picture and sound, plus usability at its core. If you’re fed up with scrolling, browsing and navigating different apps to find the shows you love, Sky Glass consolidates all your favourites in one place – so you can browse the huge range of entertainment available with ease.

It’s also the world’s first TV to be a certified CarbonNeutral® product. Sky will send it to you in recyclable packaging, free from single-use plastic, which it will offer to take back on delivery.

Have you had your eye on Sky Glass for a while, or is this all quite new to you? If so, don't worry - we've got you covered with all you need to know on how it works, how much it costs and the unique features of Sky Glass. Plus, Sky has a great deal on right now.

At the moment, when you buy Sky Glass you can get three months of Sky Ultimate TV for free. Sky Ultimate TV includes a subscription to Netflix plus the Sky Entertainment package. This would normally set you back £26 a month, which means you would be saving just shy of £80.

Read on to find out all you need to know about Sky Glass, plus the details of what you get for free with this limited-time Sky Ultimate TV deal.

Shop Sky Glass with three months Ultimate TV for free at Sky

What is Sky Glass?

Sky glass three months ultimate TV for free

Sky Glass is Sky's answer to the smart TV. Put simply, it's a top quality TV with all the elements of a Sky box inside. That means Sky's well-known entertainment packages are built in, as well as your favourite streaming apps, all without the hassle of cables tangling behind the TV or a box underneath the TV set.

With Sky Glass, it's all in one place and it all works through one cable in the back of the TV. Plus, it uses WiFi rather than relying on you having a satellite dish. Now that's convenience.

Sky Glass comes in a range of colours including dusky pink, racing green and ocean blue, so it will blend seamlessly into your home. You can even choose for the speaker to be in a contrasting colour for just an additional £39.

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It includes Dolby Atmos sound and a built-in soundbar as standard. So, whether it’s the roar of a Premier League crowd or the soaring soundtrack of the latest blockbuster film, you can enjoy a breathtaking, cinematic viewing experience at home.

The TV comes with your choice of apps too, plus Freeview TV channels are all built in. Right now, you can get Sky Entertainment and a subscription to Netflix for free for three months with Sky's Ultimate TV package, which gives you access to a whole host of exclusive series, including the show of the moment The Last of Us and the Golden Globe Award winning The White Lotus.

Shop Sky Glass with three months Ultimate TV for free at Sky

Sky Glass TV picture quality

Sky Glass packs an impressive 10-bit HDR display with Dolby Vision, showing off a crisp colour-accurate picture that’s perfect for all kinds of viewing.

The 4K Ultra HD quantum dot display can render over a billion colours thanks to the layer of quantum dots between the TV's backlight and the LCD screen. It takes the picture to the next level and shows off the biggest blockbuster movies as they were meant to be seen.

Thanks to an ambient light sensor, the Sky Glass backlight can also dim or brighten depending on the ambient light of the room, and with intelligent Zonal technology, Sky Glass makes darks look deeper and brights look lighter.

Shop Sky Glass with three months Ultimate TV for free at Sky

Sky Glass TV audio quality

Sky Glass features an amazing built-in audio set up. Six speakers – including a powerful subwoofer – deliver Dolby Atmos sound that will make films engrossing, sport scintillating and drama more atmospheric than ever.

The built-in soundbar will make Sky Glass the centrepiece of your living room, whether it’s playing music or delivering the audio from your favourite series. Having top-quality sound built in removes the need to buy separate audio equipment, so when you buy a Sky Glass, you're getting everything you need in one fell swoop.

Shop Sky Glass with three months Ultimate TV for free at Sky

How much does Sky Glass cost?

The cost of the Sky Glass depends on which size TV you go for. For each size option, there is a choice of payment methods — to pay monthly for 48 months with a £10 upfront fee, to pay monthly for 24 month with a £20 upfront fee, or to make a one-off payment in full.

Sky Glass TV sizes

There are three sizes to choose from when it comes to Sky Glass. The TV starts relatively small with a 43-inch option, which is definitely still big enough to make an impact on your living room. This will set you back £699 if paid in full, £14 per month for 48 months or £28 per month for 24 months.

The medium is 55-inches which costs £949, or you can opt to pay monthly for 48 months at £19 per month, or for 24 months at £38 per month.

Finally, the large option is a cinematic 65-inches. This will set you back £1,199 if you pay in full, or £24 per month for 48 months, or £48 a month for 24 months.

Shop Sky Glass with three months Ultimate TV for free at Sky

How does Sky Glass work?

One of the things we love about Sky Glass is the fact that it's so user-friendly. The Glass does come with a remote — in the matching colour to your TV set, of course — but if it gets lost down the back of the sofa, it doesn't matter. Sky Glass can be controlled using just your voice. All you need to do is say "Hello Sky" and the TV will listen for your commands, so it's easy to search for shows and find what you want to watch.

With thousands of channels to choose from, plus the apparently infinite content on streaming services, you'd be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed for what to watch on a Friday night. Well, all you need to do is ask "What should I watch?" and Sky Glass will show you a list of personalised recommendations. Pretty cool, eh? Plus if you see something you like, you can add it to your personal playlist so you can easily find it later.

Shop Sky Glass with three months Ultimate TV for free at Sky

What channels and apps are on Sky Glass?

Get three months free ultimate TV with Sky Glass

If you're a TV buff, there's no denying that Sky is the destination to get all your favourites in one place. You can download a whole host of streaming apps onto your Sky Glass including BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and ITVX.

You also get access to thousands of Freeview channels as you would on any other TV, both live and on demand.

With this deal from Sky, you get three months of Sky Ultimate for free, too. This is what Sky calls the package which includes Sky Entertainment plus a basic Netflix subscription. What's a basic Netflix subscription, you might be asking? Well it's just the cheapest option, meaning you get full access to all of Netflix's shows, from Bridgerton to Break Point, on one device at a time.

On Sky Entertainment, you'll also get access to over 100 channels not available on Freeview which include Sky Atlantic, Sky Max and Sky Documentaries. You will also gain access to Sky Originals — shows created by Sky like Chernobyl and Riviera.

If you're a sports fan, you also get access to Eurosport which lets you stream live coverage of lots of sporting events from the worlds of snooker, cycling and motocross. You also get three sport channels: Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Mix and Sky Sports Racing. The full Sky Sports package will cost you extra as an add on, but we think this is a pretty good starting point.

Shop Sky Glass with three months Ultimate TV for free at Sky

How to buy Sky Glass TV in the UK

You can buy Sky Glass directly through Sky's UK website. When you order from Sky you can get free delivery, plus Sky Glass comes with a two year warranty period.

As we mentioned earlier, there are a number of payment options and sizes that you can choose from. If you want to see Sky Glass before you buy to choose the size and colour you want, you can visit a Sky store which are located across the UK.

Shop Sky Glass with three months Ultimate TV for free at Sky


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