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Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: Which is right for you?

Which of Sky's entertainment set-ups is right for your home?

Sky Stream.

Sky Glass and Sky Stream are two of the most popular ways to get Sky TV. The former offers impressive hardware —a TV with built-in entertainment and soundbar — while the latter offers easy access to Sky TV with almost no hardware at all. Which is best for you? Let’s find out.

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While many Sky users still have Sky Q, or older Sky boxes, which offer a huge range of entertainment and sport content, these devices present the hassle of needing an aerial or dish. Whereas, both Sky Glass and Sky Stream can function solely based on an internet connection. As long as your connection is solid, you can get full access to Sky TV without all the extra hardware and preparation.

So, is Sky Glass or Sky Stream the set-up for you?

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Save over £125 on Sky Stream, Sky TV and Netflix

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Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: key differences

Sky Glass is an actual TV set, with Sky TV built-in and a soundbar. It comes in varying sizes and is a pretty sleek piece of hardware. However, it’s not ideal if you already have a TV that you want to stick with.

If that’s the case, then Sky Stream will suit you better. It gives you the same content and navigation as Sky Glass, without the actual TV. Essentially, it’s a box that serves up Sky TV using the power of the internet, with no dish required. What’s not to love?

Sky Glass vs Sky Stream in detail

Sky Glass

The immediately noticeable difference between the two is the hardware. Sky Glass is a television set, whereas Sky Stream is a small box that could fit in the palm of your hand. Both offer access to highly-rated Sky programmes, films and more, but they suit different users and use-cases. Read on for our complete guide.

In the case of Sky Stream, you can get Netflix and Sky TV from less than £1 a day! Sky Glass costs a little more, but also delivers that impressive television with built-in soundbar.

Both Sky Glass and Sky Stream run using your internet connection, while Sky Q offers one or two more channels but requires the installation of a satellite dish.

Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: design

One of the central appeals of Sky Glass is that wraps all your content providers into one neat package, eliminating the need for excessive wiring around the TV. It takes this even further by including a soundbar to boost its audio performance and further cut down on the need for accessory wiring. That means a tangle of boxes and wires under and behind the TV could be a thing of the past. Sounds good, right?

However, if you already have a TV and entertainment hardware set-up that suits you, but you want to add great Sky content like House of the Dragon and Brassic, then Sky Stream is the option for you. The small device simply plugs in to your existing TV, hooks up to your WiFi and brings you amazing entertainment of all kinds.

Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: interface 

The interface across both of these is the same, taking on the same design and feel as the Sky Q navigation system. So, if you’re swapping from a Sky Q box you’ll feel right at home.

The interface makes it easy to find your favourite programmes, record movies, access your favourite streaming services and much more.

Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: picture and sound quality

Both Sky Stream and Sky Glass can stream in 4K resolution, so you’ll get great picture quality as long as your display and internet connection are up to scratch. Sky Stream and Sky Glass content comes in HD as standard, whereas those on the older Sky Q need to pay extra for HD provision.

If you’re looking for great audio then Sky Glass’s built-in soundbar is hugely appealing. It sits neatly under the screen and beefs up the TV’s audio offering, making your favourite shows and movies even more immersive.

Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: our verdict

For those with established home entertainment set-ups, Sky Stream is a neat and simple way of adding amazing Sky content — plus all your favourite streaming providers — with one small device. It’s a slick solution.

However, if you’re not kitted out with all your own hardware, then Sky Glass is the more tempting proposition. It offers all that gripping entertainment, news, sport and more — plus a 4K-capable streaming TV and a built-in soundbar to make your favourite content come to life in your living room.

How to buy Sky Glass and Sky Stream in the UK

How can you buy Sky Glass or Sky Stream? Simply head over to the Sky Website where the landing page will direct you to both and all you have to do is click ‘Buy Now.’ Alternatively, you can go to ‘TV’ on the top bar and choose ‘Stream‘ or ‘Glass.’

Sky Stream prices start at £19 a month and Sky Glass starts at £33 a month.

For more on Sky TV, check out our Sky Q guide and our roundup for best Sky Sports deals. Plus, for more streaming content, take a look at our list of the best UK streaming services.

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