If you want to add a spectacular screen and some of the best audio around to your living room, Sky has the answer. Sky Glass is a sleek new range of TVs from Sky that deliver top-quality audio and video across a huge range of entertainment, sport and cinema.


The new devices offer Sky’s signature entertainment packages built-in alongside other well-loved apps, so there’s no more need for a box under your TV, a mess of wires in your living room, or a satellite dish on your house. Instead, all your streaming, searching and TV-guide browsing is provided via the internet, with your favourite services consolidated on one device.

Sounds neat, doesn’t it? The TV comes in three sizes, and all of them include Dolby Atmos sound and a built-in soundbar as standard. So, whether it’s the roar of a Premier League crowd or the soaring soundtrack of the latest blockbuster film, you can enjoy a breathtaking, cinematic viewing experience at home.

On top of great picture and sound, Sky Glass has usability at its core. So, if you’re fed up with scrolling, browsing and navigating different apps to find the shows you love, Sky Glass has the solution. The platform consolidates all your favourite apps, shows and movies in one place – so you can browse the huge range of entertainment available with ease.

It’s also the world’s first TV to be a certified CarbonNeutral® product. Sky will send it to you in recyclable packaging, free from single-use plastic, which they’ll offer to take back on delivery.

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Sky Glass

Sky Glass picture quality

Sky Glass packs an impressive 10-bit HDR display with Dolby Vision, showing off a crisp colour-accurate picture that’s perfect for all kinds of viewing.

The 4K Ultra HD quantum dot display can render over a billion colours thanks to the layer of quantum dots between the TV's backlight and the LCD screen. It takes the picture to the next level and shows off the biggest blockbuster movies as they were meant to be seen.

Thanks to an ambient light sensor, the Sky Glass backlight can also dim or brighten depending on the ambient light of the room, and with intelligent Zonal technology, Sky Glass makes darks look darker, brights look brighter, and the TV you love look even better.

Sky Glass audio

Sky Glass features an amazing built-in audio set-up. Six speakers – including a powerful subwoofer – deliver Dolby Atmos sound that will make films engrossing, sport scintillating and drama more atmospheric than ever.

The built-in soundbar will make Sky Glass the centrepiece of your living room, whether it’s playing music or delivering the audio from your favourite series. Having top-quality sound built-in removes the need to buy separate audio equipment, too, eradicating the HDMI tangle of set-top boxes, soundbars and speakers altogether.

What’s on Sky Glass

The Sky Ultimate TV package gives users access to Sky Entertainment, Netflix and all of Sky TV in HD, as standard. For those who want to access the full range of sports and movies, there are great ways to customise your package to suit you and deliver the content you enjoy.

All your favourite shows from your other streaming subscriptions – such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video – will all be readily available too. In fact, they’re more accessible than ever.

The new Sky Glass interface includes content from all the apps you use on the platform. So there’s no longer any need to navigate in and out of individual apps within the Sky interface when looking for something to watch. Instead, the likes of Netflix’s Sex Education will be displayed next to Sky’s own Brassic and Amazon Prime Video’s Grand Tour.

All your favourites will be in one place and easier to access than ever. While the interface still looks visually quite like the Sky Q equivalent, this development shows that some really interesting and intuitive upgrades have been made.

Hit drama series like Raised By Wolves are available with a simple voice command – and can be added to the all-new Playlist, which allows you to playlist shows and movies from across Sky and apps such as Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video.

Raised by Wolves is an exciting Sky exclusive. The dramatic sci-fi adventure follows two androids who flee an uninhabitable earth with human embryos, in an attempt to revive the human race. There’s also The Rising to look forward to; an intriguing supernatural crime thriller that lands on 22nd April.

It’s also been revealed that the long-awaited Game of Thrones spin-off series, House of the Dragon, will debut on Sky Atlantic in 2022, so there’s plenty to look forward to for drama lovers.

If you want something a little more light-hearted, why not try the new series of crack-up UK sporting comedy, A League of Their Own Road Trip: Dingle to Dover. Starring Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff, the show takes the classic A League of Their Own formula on the road.

When it comes to sport, Sky has a huge offering. From dedicated channels like Sky Sports Golf and Sky Sports Premier League to the biggest stars and all the must-see fixtures. An exciting new F1 season is heading to Sky Sports soon and is sure to have fans on the edge of their seats.

For cinema lovers, Sky has a bigger offering than ever. With a new premiere every day on Sky Cinema, there’s something for everyone. From Sky originals like Bafta-nominated drama Mass – to modern classics like John Wick, Sky Glass users will have access to a huge range of films and the perfect audiovisual set-up to experience them to the full.

Sky Glass

How to buy Sky Glass

Sky Glass was released in October and is available to purchase right now for all customers. You can purchase Sky Glass direct from Sky, via the website, or over the phone.

Sky Glass is a great way to consolidate your entertainment needs into one device and to make your TV user experience a smoother one. If this sleek TV and entertainment platform sounds like a great fit for your home, then head to the Sky website for more on pricing and to order.


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