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Best Kindle deals in August 2022: top offers on Amazon e-readers

Now available from £69, the Kindle can hold thousands of books at one time and is a great option if you are going on holiday this summer.

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Published: Tuesday, 2nd August 2022 at 9:30 am

Even the most loyal bookworms will find it difficult to argue against the usefulness of the Kindle e-reader when it comes to affordability and portability.


So although you may prefer the feel of paper and the smell of a new book, you have to admit it: a physical copy can be a nightmare to carry around with you. The Kindle device proves very handy when it comes to commuting and holidays, whilst also being perfect for anyone who is downsizing or has found their bookcases overflowing.

Starting at £69.99 (RRP), the Amazon Kindle can hold thousands of books at one time, will last for weeks on a single charge, comes with built-in backlighting so you can read in the dark, and will even support audiobooks via Audible.

Like most Amazon devices, these are fairly affordable when bought outright, but it is important to know they are often discounted or on offer throughout the year, in particular during big shopping events like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day.

There's a selection of different Kindle models to choose from, too, including Paperwhite, Oasis and Kids. Each has its own unique features, even if the basic functionality across the entire line-up remains pretty much the same.

In this guide – which breaks down the best Kindle deals and offers in August 2022 – we have chosen the models with ads to keep the cost down. Kindle ads are usually found via banners on the homepage and on the screensaver; they're typically personalised and not too intrusive. However, if you don't want to see any ads then you can do so by paying around 10 to 20 quid more. Simply choose the 'without ads' model to get rid of them.

Where to buy the Amazon Kindle

While the e-readers are an Amazon product – and the Amazon website often has the best stock levels as a result – the devices are available at a range of UK retailers:

Best Amazon Kindle deal available now

Kindle | £69

Amazon Kindle

The 10th gen (2019) Kindle comes in both black and white, and has a 6-inch anti-glare display alongside 8GB of storage. That’s enough to hold thousands of books at one time. With a full charge, the battery will last for weeks at a time, plus you can purchase titles straight from the device (connected to Amazon via WiFi).

Even this base model can be synced-up with an Audible account so you can listen to audiobooks. It also has an adjustable front light so you can read your books at all times of the day or night — got to a juicy bit in your novel just as the sunlight is fading? Not a problem with the Kindle.

What's more, if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you get unlimited access to more than a thousand books without any charge. Titles include Clouds In My Coffee, about a murder in a country club, a romance novel called The Love Of My Other Life, and thriller Always Remember.

The ads are shown via 'sponsored screensavers' on the Kindle’s lock screen and in sleep mode. If you don’t want this, there's a 'without ads' model on sale.

It's worth mentioning that AO is selling the Kindle for £69 in comparison to Amazon's £69.99 price tag. If you're already an Amazon Prime subscriber, you should purchase from Amazon as you'll get free delivery. If you're not, you might as well pocket that 99p.

What other Kindle deals are available?

Kindle Paperwhite | £129.99

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite e-reader has a 6.8-inch display, 8GB storage, adjustable warm light for eye comfort, weeks-long battery life, and an IPX8 waterproof rating that makes it a great option for reading at the beach, in the bath or, of course, relaxing by the pool.

Buy the Kindle Paperwhite for £129.99 at Amazon

Kindle Oasis | £229.99

Kindle Oasis

The most expensive Kindle in the line-up, the Oasis model has a 7-inch display, IPX8 water resistance rating, Audible support, adjustable warm light, and a unique design that uses dedicated buttons for page turns.

Buy the Kindle Oasis for £229.99 at Amazon

Kindle Kids | £99.99

Intended for younger readers, this Kids edition of the standard 10th gen Kindle comes with a colourful protective cover of your choice – including blue, pink, birds and space station designs – alongside a two-year "worry-free guarantee" that offers a full replacement if the device gets broken. The Kids model also comes with a year’s Amazon Kids+ subscription, which provides access to more than a thousand books, including the Harry Potter series (followed by £1.99 charge per month).

What other models are available to buy?

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is an enhanced version of the standard Paperwhite model, coming with wireless charging, a front light that auto-adjusts based on your surrounding brightness, and a much larger 32GB storage.

Buy the Signature Edition for £179.99 at Amazon


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