We understand any reservations you might have when it comes to the Xbox Series S. It's a digital-only console, and the storage isn't quite as big as the Series X.


That said, when it hit the market back in 2020, along with the X, its small size and price proved popular.

But is it still worth it in 2023? The price has dropped, and plenty of decent games for the Series have been released in the meantime. But are these reasons enough to buy it?

We'll take a close look at the budget version of the Series below, and see if it still holds up three years after its release.

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Is the Xbox Series S worth it? Here's what we think

In short, yes - here at RadioTimes.com, we would say that the Xbox Series S is worth buying, especially considering that you can currently get the Xbox Series S on Amazon for the bargain price £242.

Smaller, lighter and easier on the eye (let's be real, it looks cool and takes up zero space) than the other current consoles, the Series S is an excellent way to get yourself gaming in 2023.

First off, you just cannot argue with the price. The Xbox Series S is truly the most budget-friendly next-gen console out there at just £242 - while its big brother, the Xbox Series X, comes in at a weighty £479.99.

Meanwhile, a PS5 is soaring above £500 in some instances.

The crucial argument here? Despite coming in at a super low price point in comparison, the Series S can play all the same games as the more expensive Xbox Series X.

As well as saving money, you'll also save on shelf space - the Xbox Series S is completely disc drive-less, so you need to buy all your games digitally.

The surprisingly powerful console is also very compact - making it perfect for travel with, so you never miss out on a battle pass or Fortnite event.

Although with the cheaper price comes less powerful specs than the Series X (supporting only 1440p resolution with 4K upscaling), the Series S still has the same 3.6GHz CPU as its more expensive counterpart - which is seriously impressive for a £249 price point - as well as a 4 teraflop GPU and 10GB of RAM.

Super speedy loading times at a budget price? We'll compromise on the slightly lower storage option.

And let's not forget you can play this year's stunning Baldur's Gate 3 on the Series S, and it runs fantastically.

To be able to play a game this huge at such a cheap price is enough of a reason to grab this piece of hardware.

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