Facebook: now suitable for work

Social network pilots a new service for use in the workplace - and it'll be free of all those embarrassing photos

Not ready to share all those pictures of your younger self with your co-workers? Soon you might not have to.


Facebook has announced a pilot scheme for companies that will use the same platform as the social networking site but be separate from users’ personal profiles.

A test version of the new service launched on Wednesday, and aims to replace internal emails and other office instant messaging services.

Facebook at Work is currently only available for “pilot partners” and includes familiar features such as the news feed, groups, messages and events. The public launch is reportedly scheduled for later this year.

The tool will be available as an app for Apple and Android, and via the main website. TechCrunch reports that currently the app is ad-free, but there are no details as to whether it will be a paid service or not.

Facebook said in a statement: “Facebook at Work is a separate experience that gives employees the ability to connect and collaborate efficiently using Facebook tools – many that they’re likely already using such as news feed, groups, messages and events.

“The information shared among employees is only accessible to people in the company.”


So will it soon be ok to trawl Facebook at work? Maybe…but don’t forget the pitfalls.