What secret is Adam about to have exposed on Love Island?

A preview of tonight's episode has exposed some serious snakiness – and it threatens to break-up Adam and Rosie for good

Love Island episode 9 - Rosie Williams and Adam Collard

What huge secret has Love Island 2018 star Adam Collard been hiding?


Has he been cheating on Rosie? Maybe he’s been slating her behind her back? Or did he deliberately put salt in her tea instead of sugar?

It’s now been revealed exactly what Adam’s done and said behind Rosie’s back – and it’s not good.

Tonight’s episode shows Adam working out in the gym with Charlie and Josh. It’s here the boys are having a discussion about new girl Megan, and Adam says: “She’s f***ing mint. She is fit, isn’t she”.

Despite supposedly being happily-coupled up with Rosie, later in the Beach Hut Adam confesses: “You can’t say you don’t have a roving eye in here. Megan, obviously she’s very nice – if I was to say I wasn’t looking at her in some way and having an attraction, I would be lying.”

Megan Barton Hanson, Love Island
Megan Barton Hanson (ITV)

Adam then sits down with Megan around the fire pit and asks her why she hadn’t chosen him as one of the boys to go on a date with the previous day. Saying she “didn’t want to be the third” girl after Kendall and Rosie, she asked if he was now happy with the 26-year-old solicitor.

Adam replied: “It’s a bit of a funny one. It’s good – don’t get me wrong, it’s good. But sometimes she can be a bit on top of us.”

It left Megan saying she was in a “weird headspace” after her chat with the personal trainer, and that what he said behind Rosie’s back was “really sneaky”.

Love Island episode 9 - Rosie Williams

Megan then told a visibly-shocked Rosie what had happened, saying that she thought Adam was “scraping the barrel to find excuses to move on”, which prompts Rosie to say “I think any new girl that comes in here, he’s going to want her”.

“He might have just made the biggest mistake he’s made in here so far,” Rosie then says, before confronting Adam outside, saying he should have spoken to her before “slagging” her off to other people.

“What, Jack?” asks Adam, to which Rosie fires back: “Oh so you said it to Jack as well? So Jack, Megan…”

Watch the preview clip for tonight’s Love Island confrontation between Adam and Rosie below.

The latest episode looks set to be an explosive affair, and an earlier preview shows Rosie confiding in fellow islander Georgia Steel. Although we don’t hear what it is, Georgia looks and sounds outraged as she says: “Are you being serious? Oh my God”.

Niall Aslam on Love Island 2018

Narrator Iain Stirling then teases us with the line “Is someone hiding a secret?” before the action cuts to Rosie asking Adam in front of everybody: “Do you want to tell me something that happened today that maybe you should’ve had the balls to tell me before?”

Adam replies: “What are you on about?” which leaves Rosie hitting back with: “What am I on about? Everyone else knows so you may as well share it. The group’s waiting.”

At this point, Jack Fincham clearly tries to tell Dani Dyer something – and she does not want to miss a second of the action, as this finger gesture hilariously suggests…

Love Island episode 9
Love Island episode 9 (ITV)

Anyway, later on, we see Rosie in the girls’ dressing room in tears as she explains: “I don’t get why I’m not enough for someone”.

Rosie and Adam have had a relatively turbulent time in the short few days they’ve both been in the villa.

After Adam initially decided to steal Kendall Rae-Knight from Niall Aslam, shortly afterwards Rosie entered the villa and caught Adam’s eye.

The three were then caught in a love triangle, with Rosie and Adam snogging, and then Adam saying he didn’t know who out of Kendall and Rosie he was going to choose when it came to the very first recoupling ceremony.

Eventually, he chose Rosie. But, as Kendall told RadioTimes.com after she left the villa: “Adam might sway towards someone else if another girl comes in – he’s done it once”. Now, it seems like Rosie is beginning to agree with her…


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2

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