Emmerdale: Emma Barton’s killer is REVEALED

The soap’s whodunit came to a shock climax this evening


Moira Barton has been revealed to be the killer of her sister-in-law Emma in tonight’s double bill of Emmerdale.


The ITV soap solved its long-running whodunit this evening as Moira admitted all to Cain, while flashback scenes saw the moment Emma was pushed to her death from a viaduct.

Speaking tonight about whether this means that Moira will now have to be written out in order to be punished for her actions, actress Natalie J Robb said this evening:

“The bosses have told me that this won’t be the case. I’ve just signed for another 12 months, so you’ve got a year of me yet! When I learned about the storyline, I was just grateful to be involved, to be honest. It had lots of twists and turns, so it was nice to be a part of that.”

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Suspicion has been rife in the village ever since Emma met her maker in October, with characters including Adam, Gabby and Pete all in the frame.

Scenes just shown toyed with the expectations of viewers as both Ross and Laurel appeared set to make killer confessions.

In Laurel’s case, the big secret turned out to be an illicit one-night stand she’d had with café owner Bob on the day Emma had been killed.

Ross – who had previously been overheard talking about being responsible for a death in the Barton family – was seen telling mum Emma to commit suicide in the moments before her demise.

After returning to the scene, Ross ended up being the one to first view Emma’s body, but remains unaware that Moira was the one to tip the bonkers Barton matriarch over the precipice.

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The reason for Moira lashing out was revealed as Emma teased her for her supposed failings as a mum. As Emma laid the blame for Holly’s death from a drugs overdose at her door, Moira lost control and gave her enemy a fateful push.

Said Robb: “Moira wasn’t calculating at all. She wasn’t actually going to help Moira and talk her down, but Emma just pushed all the wrong buttons. The moral is that you shouldn’t push Moira.”

As Emma fell backwards, a smile was scene playing around her lips, a suggestion that she’d been deliberately taunting Moira into acting in order to absolve herself from the ‘sin’ of suicide.

Revealing behind-the-scenes secrets of the murder mystery, Robb said that multiple endings had been filmed in order to keep the actors on their toes:

“For a while, none of us were sure who’d did it. They filmed endings featuring both Ross and Pete too, so they could have put anything on at the last minute!”

Since the birth of her son Isaac, Moira was been seen suffering with what viewers thought was postnatal depression, only for guilt to now be revealed as part of a heady emotional mix:

“We had to play a bit of the postnatal line so that it wasn’t so obvious that she’d murdered someone,” said the actress. “But baby blues was only a partial explanation for how she was feeling – the main part was guilt.”

Fans will now have to wait to discover whether Moira comes clean about the crime or if Ross is set to continue believing that he was the one to blame for his mum losing her life…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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