This article includes a discussion of mental health issues, suicidal ideation, sexual abuse and exploitation that some readers may find distressing.


Coronation Street sees the story focusing on troubled teen Liam Connor take another worrying turn next week.

The ITV soap has seen the teen come out the other side of a bullying crisis with intense anxiety and suffering from panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

Next week, Liam accidentally overdoses and his mother Maria Windass is once again beside herself with worry.

Will Liam be okay?

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The following spoilers are for the episodes airing from Monday 6th May 2024 to Friday 10th May 2024.

6 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

1. Liam Connor overdoses in worrying scenes

Samia Longchambon as Maria Windass stands between Mikey North as Gary Windass and Tina O'Brien as Sarah Barlow in Coronation Street.
Maria Windass (Samia Longchambon, centre)) interrupts Gary Windass (Mikey North, left) and Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien, right). ITV

Next week, Liam Connor and Joseph Brown are watching films and they chat about school, prompting Liam to panic and reach for his inhaler. Joseph tries to encourage Liam to open up to his mother about his panic attacks, but Liam does not want to worry Maria.

When the pair go looking for sweets, however, Liam comes across Paul Foreman's stash of benzodiazepine pills and pockets them.

Meanwhile, Gary Windass grows concerned for his ex Sarah Barlow as she gets drink on wine and follows her when she heads home with another bottle.

Liam arrives home at the flat with Gary not around and suffers another pabnic attack, prompting him to reach for Paul's pills.

At Paul's flat, Paul's husband Billy Mayhew realises the pills are gone and panics when Joseph reveals that Liam had been looking for sweets.

In the flat, Liam is shown lying unconscious next to the bottle of pills but thankfully he is found and is going to be okay.

As the week goes on, Maria confides in Paul and Billy about her fears for Liam as he struggled recently with suicidal ideation.

After speaking with the pair, Maria returns home and finds Gary and Sarah speaking but looking shifty. Maria places a camera on the side before leaving with some belongings.

Afterwards, as Gary sees Sarah out, the pair share a hug and agree to speak less from now on, prompting Maria to grow livid.

By the end of the week, Gary is hoping to reconcile with an angry Maria but it is not looking good.

As Maria hopes Liam will turn a corner with his first therapy session, she confides in her brother Kirk Sutherland that she feels like a terrible mother.

Will Liam be okay and will Gary and Maria reconcile?

The Samaritans are available 24/7 if you need to talk. You can contact them for free by calling 116 123, email or head to the website to find your nearest branch.

There is also help for teens struggling with their mental health at Mind.

2. Bethany Platt spots evil Nathan Curtis and suspects him of hurting missing Lauren Bolton

Nathan Curtis comes face to face with Bethany Platt and Daniel Osbourne in Coronation Street.
Nathan Curtis (Chris Harper) comes face to face with Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) and Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) in Coronation Street. ITV

A reconstruction of Lauren Bolton's last known movements is held next week and during this, Bethany Platt gets the shock of her life when she spots Nathan Curtis among them - the man who once abused and sexually exploited her.

As Bethany grows emotional, her boyfriend Daniel Osbourne finds her at home in a distressed state and she admits her fears about Nathan. Daniel tries to remind Bethany that Nathan is in prison.

Later, Nicky Wheatley reveals to Daniel and Bethany that she will be meeting a girl named Ellie who was a victim of grooming as a teen and may have a lead on Lauren.

Meanwhile, Bethany does further digging on footage of the reconstruction and confirms that Nathan was indeed present at the precinct.

A visit to the police station sees DS Swain confirm to Bethany that Nathan is indeed out of prison and was released months back, prompting Bethany to push for him to be questioned about Lauren's presumed murder.

Further investigation sees Bethany and Daniel find out that Nathan is working on a construction site near the precinct and decide to confront him and Bethany is once again face to face with her abuser.

Full of emotion, Bethany accuses Nathan of killing Lauren. Has she uncovered the truth?

For support and guidance on matters raised within this story, visit Barnardo's, NSPCC and S.H.E.UK for help and advice.

3. Roy Cropper struggles to recall details about Lauren Bolton

Roy Cropper speaks with Dee Dee Bailey in a prison visiting room in Coronation Street.
Roy Cropper speaks with Dee Dee Bailey in a prison visiting room in Coronation Street. ITV

Meanwhile, as the investigation into Lauren's disappearance continues, imprisoned innocent Roy Cropper is saddened when Dee Dee Bailey confirms that the police have not found Lauren's necklace or her mystery boyfriend.

Will Roy be released from prison for a crime he didn't commit?

4. Glenda Shuttleworth learns about brother George's inheritance deception

Jodie Prenger as Glenda in Coronation Street
Jodie Prenger as Glenda in Coronation Street ITV

Also next week, George Shuttleworth feels guilty as sister Glenda hopes to raise the money to buy Little Big Shotz from Estelle and decides he will help her secure a bank loan, only to realise she has no chance of doing so.

Following this, Glenda asks Estelle if she can buy the business on credit and pay her back in instalments, but George puts a stop to this by being realistic about her funds in front of Estelle.

An angry Glenda vents to Todd Grimshaw about George's betrayal, prompting Todd to mistakenly believe she is talking about her father's will - accidentally exposing her right of inheritance.

As the week continues, Glenda pursues legal advice to sue her brother for half the family business, but Adam Barlow advises her that it could be costly and there is no guarantee she'd win the case.

Glenda proceeds to have a day from hell and ends up with Michael Bailey spilling a drink down her.

However, George and Todd are soon horrified when they discover that Glenda has put the undertakers up for sale when Rupert from Rest Easy calls around to make an offer!

Can George make it up to Glenda?

5. Bernie Winter catches out her ex Denny red-handed

Bernie Winter comes face to face with Denny with Paul's wheelchair on the street in Coronation Street.
Bernie Winter comes face to face with Denny with Paul's wheelchair on the street in Coronation Street. ITV

Bernie Winter discovers a betrayal perpetrated by her ex Denny towards their son Paul when she catches him red-handed with Paul's empty expensive wheelchair out on the street.

While Denny claims to be taking it out for a service, Bernie does not believe him and threatens to call the police.

Will Denny come clean?

Later in the week, Billy and Paul are crushed when they learn of the council making funding cuts to Motor Neurone Disease sufferers.

This prompts Bernie to set about raising funds with a karaokethon, but this leads to all three feeling dead on their feet before they praise Bernie for their success.

However, Bernie confides in daughter Gemma Winter that she feels like a terrible mother. What exactly has Bernie done?

6. Will Adam Barlow profess his feelings for Alya Nazir before she leaves for Dublin?

Alya Nazir speaks with Adam Barlow outside Roy's Rolls in Coronation Street.
Alya Nazir speaks with Adam Barlow outside Roy's Rolls in Coronation Street. ITV

Following on from last week, Alya Nazir reveals to Adam that their kiss has damaged her career plans.

However, when Alya is approached once again by Rich, he confirms that she still has that work placement role in Dublin should she want it, as Adam has told him that a misunderstanding led to the kiss and he was entirely down to him.

As the week continues, a conversation between Alya and Adam prompts her grandmother Yasmeen to question whether Alya will miss Adam.

Before Alya prepares to depart from Dublin, Adam gifts her an expensive law book and wishes her well on her endeavour.

Will Alya be able to leave with their feelings left unspoken?

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