Norris is back in Coronation Street… and he wants to divorce Mary!

But WHO does Norris want to marry instead?

Coronation Street, Mary Taylor, Norris Cole

Norris Cole (played by Malcolm Hebden) has been away from Coronation Street since December 2017, visiting his good friend Emily Bishop and her family relative Freda Burgess (Ali Briggs) in Edinburgh.


However, on the ITV soap on Monday 6 May, Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) is in for a surprise when her walkabout husband Norris unexpectedly returns to Weatherfield!

Mary hasn’t heard from Norris in ages. In fact, she first hears he has decided to sell No.3 from Freda, who lets herself into the house and mysteriously puts a photo of Norris next to an ashes urn. What on earth is going on?

With still no word from Norris himself, Mary starts to worry Freda has done away with Norris and brought him home in the urn! When Mary finds Freda showing an estate agent round No.3, she decides enough is enough and tries to send Freda packing.

But just as the women are getting into a scuffle on the Street, a taxi pulls-up and out steps Norris. He’s back!

Coronation Street, Mary Taylor, Freda Burgess
Mary’s determined to send Freda packing. (Picture: ITV)
Coronation Street, Mary Taylor, Norris Cole
Norris is back! (Picture: ITV)

However, any happy reunion is short-lived when Norris reveals some SHOCK news: he and Freda are now engaged and Norris wants a divorce from Mary so he can marry her!

But having taken a disliking to Freda, Mary reckons she’s a gold digger and refuses to move aside for Norris’s new ladyfriend.

Coronation Street, Freda Burgess, Norris Cole
Has Freda got her sights set on Norris’s money? (Picture: ITV)

But could Mary have a change of heart when, on Wednesday 8 May, the discovery of some old letters at No.3 reveals a declaration of love and an engagement ring for Mary! But WHO is the mystery fella trying to win Mary’s heart? And will she happily ditch Norris for him?


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