Netflix’s 6 Underground release date – what Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay’s thriller is about

Everything you need to know about this Ryan Reynolds-Michael Bay team up

6 Underground Netflix

After spending the last decade blowing up Transformers, Michael Bay is finally taking a break from the robots in disguise – but of course not the explosions. Here’s everything you need to know about 6 Underground, quite possibly the most Michael Bay movie ever.


When is 6 Underground on Netflix?

6 Underground is released on Netflix on 13th December 2019.

What is 6 Underground about?

The film follows six international operatives, each with unique skills, who fake their own deaths to make themselves untraceable. Now free from limitations, the team embark on a mission to fight injustice, take down a brutal dictator and ensure it was was worth erasing their past to change the future.

With a stellar ensemble cast led by Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds, expect stunning Italian scenery, witty one-liners, and of course lots and lots of Bayhem.

Who is in the cast of 6 Underground?

Ryan Reynolds has been using his unique marketing approach to advertise his role as One in the action film, whereas Now You See Me’s Mélanie Laurent stars as the equally imaginatively-named Two. Manual Garcia-Rulfo and Adria Arjona are Three and Four, with Straight Outta Compton’s Corey Hawkins playing Five and Peter Beale himself Ben Hardy as Six.

Dave Franco, Lior Raz and Sebastian Roche also appear.


Is there a trailer for 6 Underground?

Yes – check out the official trailer and this advert ‘for the Italian Tourism Bureau’.