The Downton Abbey movie trailer is here, and fans still can’t quite believe it’s happening

You are cordially invited to be excited now

(YouTube/Focus Features)

The first, briefest of teaser trailers for the upcoming Downton Abbey film has been revealed.


While the footage doesn’t contain any clear shots the characters just yet, the theme tune and the backdrop of beautiful Highclere Castle are enough to send excited fans into overdrive.

Yes, after so much humming and hawing and rumours and delays, the wait is almost over: the Downton Abbey will be in cinemas in 2019.

Watch the Downton Abbey trailer here.

“Next year, you are cordially invited to the motion picture event. Only in theaters,” the tag line sombrely declares – but with a swell of strings, fans of the original series were instantly taken back to the show they know and love.

A card in the trailer lays out the key characters expected to be involved in the series: Lord Grantham, Lady Grantham, Lady Mary Talbot, Lady Hexham, the Dowager Lady Grantham, Lady Merton, Tom Branson, Mr Carson, Mr Barrow, Mrs Hughes, Mr Bates, Mrs Bates, Mrs Patmore, Mr Molesley, Daisy Mason and Miss Baxter.

“More superheroes in one film than even Infinity War,” joked one fan.

Naturally, there is a Dowager Countess gif for any occasion, even one as momentous as this…


The Downton Abbey movie is set to be released in cinemas in September 2019