Is Jared Leto playing the Joker in his own standalone movie?

This might not be the only Joker movie in development...

Jared Leto "The Joker"; Sky Pics, Warner Bros, TL

And…here…we…go: Jared Leto, the actor who played The Joker in DC’s little-loved Suicide Squad, may reprise the role in his own standalone movie.


According to Variety, Warner Bros. are developing a film for Leto set in the universe of Suicide Squad and the upcoming movie featuring Margot Robbie’s version of Harley Quinn.

It’s currently unclear when this untitled Joker film would go into production, with the studio still searching for a writer.

There’s also another mystery about how many Joker films DC are actually making. Earlier this year it was rumoured that a standalone movie set outside the current Suicide Squad/Justice League stories was in development, with Joaquin Phoenix poised to play Batman’s greatest foe.

And this latest news doesn’t cancel out Phoenix’s project: Leto’s film could exist inside the DC cinematic universe, while Phoenix’s origin story takes place in its own pocket universe with no overlap with the Suicide Squad films.

In other words, DC may be building a multiverse – one of which featuring an anti-hero mini-verse (or anti-verse) ­– with another completely separate alternative universe that leans on, but exists completely outside the timelines of, the universes previously listed.


And to think we worried it was getting too confusing.

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