35 Geography questions and answers for your home pub quiz

Hit the internet - and get quizzing (everyone else is!)

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Geography pub quiz

With internet pub quizzing one of the nation’s favourite activities right now, there’s never been a better time than to flex your grey matter and have some fun with friends and family on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, House Party or whatever your video chat service is of choice.


But it’s harder than you think to come up with questions, that’s why we’ve created a series of quizzes to help get (and keep) the quizzing party started up and down the land.

Here’s the geography pub quiz

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Let’s quiz…


  1. What country has the longest coastline in the world?
  2. What country is Beirut the capital of?
  3. What country is the newest in the world to be recognised by the UN?
  4. In which English county is the town of Stevenage?
  5. What is the oldest recorded town in the UK?
  6. How many US states begin with the letter A?
  7. What is the name of the largest river to flow through Paris?
  8. What did Ceylon change its name to in 1972?
  9. What is the capital of Chile?
  10. What is the highest mountain in Britain?
  11. The world’s first national park was established in 1872 in which country? A bonus point for the name of the park…
  12. What is the capital of Poland?
  13. Mount Vesuvius casts a shadow over which modern Italian city?
  14. What is the most recent state to be added to the USA?
  15. What is the currency of Sweden?
  16. What is the name of the largest airport in Amsterdam?
  17. What is the capital of New Zealand?
  18. How many states are there in Australia?
  19. What African country has the largest population?
  20. The southern tip of South America has what name?
  21. What is the longest river in the UK?
  22. Which Central American country has a name which translates to English as “The Saviour”?
  23. In which city would you find La Sagrada Familia?
  24. What is the largest desert in the world?
  25. Which line on a London Underground map is coloured brown?
  26. In which US state would you find Fort Knox?
  27. The Strait of Gibraltar separates the Iberian Peninsular from which African country?
  28. What is the smallest country in the world?
  29. Alberta is a province of which country?
  30. How many countries still have the shilling as currency?
  31. Which is the only vowel not used as the first letter in a US State?
  32. On the London Tube network, which is the only station to begin with the letter i?
  33. Mount Vesuvius overlooks which present-day Italian city?
  34. In what country would you find Lake Bled?
  35. Dracula famously lived in the historical region of Transylvania – but in what country would you now find his castle?


  1. Canada
  2. Lebanon
  3. South Sudan (2011)
  4. Hertfordshire
  5. Colchester
  6. Four – Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas
  7. The Seine
  8. Sri Lanka
  9. Santiago
  10. Ben Nevis
  11. USA, Yellowstone
  12. Warsaw
  13. Naples
  14. Hawaii (August 1959)
  15. Swedish Krona
  16. Schiphol
  17. Wellington
  18. Six – New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia
  19. Nigeria (190 million)
  20. Cape Horn
  21. River Severn
  22. El Salvador
  23. Barcelona
  24. Antarctica
  25. Bakerloo
  26. Kentucky
  27. Morocco
  28. Vatican City
  29. Canada
  30. Four – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Somalia
  31. E
  32. Ickenham
  33. Naples
  34. Slovenia
  35. Romania