Dean reveals KILLER secret to mum Karen in Home and Away

The River Boy is about to snap under pressure from the truth about Ross...

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Karen Thompson

As Dean Thompson (played by Patrick O’Connor) continues to be haunted by nightmares and flashbacks to the day he helped his policeman buddy Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) cover-up the murder of Colby’s hated stepdad Ross Nixon, Dean’s ex-girlfriend Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) is worried Dean’s about to snap in Home and Away.


On Tuesday 2 April, Colby is alarmed when he’s called-into the police station for further questioning about the day Ross “disappeared”. Colby remains confident his tracks are still covered, despite Sergrant McCarthy’s awkward questions.

But is Dean about to give the game away?

Colby is shocked when he discovers Dean has blabbed all the grisly details to Willow. But he begins to feel guilty about the situation he has put Dean in when Willow warns him Dean is deeply troubled.

However, hope is on the horizon on Wednesday 3rd April when Dean’s mum Karen Thompson (Georgia Adamson) unexpectedly turns up in Summer Bay to give her son some much needed support!

Home and Away, Karen Thompson, Dean Thompson
Will some tough talking from his mum Karen get Dean back on track? (Picture: Channel 5)

Karen is out on day release from the psychiatric hospital where she’s still receiving help for her long-time mental health problems. During a heart-to-heart with Dean on Thursday 4 April, she’s in for a shock when he reveals how he witnessed Colby shoot dead Ross and then helped him bury Ross’s body…

Since then, Dean admits he has barely slept in weeks as the guilt of the killer secret gets the better of him. Karen is left deeply worried about her son’s mental state and is determined to find a way to help him. But will Dean listen to Karen’s words of advice… or will he snap and reveal the SHOCK secret to the rest of Summer Bay?


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