New EastEnders podcast to reveal Kat, Alfie and Hayley’s secret

What really went on between the three of them in Spain?

Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Alfie (Shane Richie) on EastEnders

EastEnders has announced a brand new podcast which will shed light on what happened when Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace), Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) and Hayley Slater (Katie Jarvis) were all living together in Spain, during which time Alfie got Hayley pregnant and Kat had an affair and endangered the lives of her children.


The audio drama will be available to download from Wednesday 28 November on BBC Sounds audio streaming and catch-up service, and is the first in a series of planned episodes set to delve deeper into the lives of Walford’s residents as companion pieces to the main show.

What do we know about Kat, Alfie and Hayley’s time in Spain?

Viewers have been drip-fed information into the backstory of the Moons just prior to Kat’s return to Albert Square in March 2018 through various conversations and revelations. Kat and Alfie were running a bar in Spain and their marriage fell apart when she slept with Russian barman Dimitri. While they were cavorting instead of babysitting, Kat’s young son Tommy dropped a kettle of boiling water over little brother Ernie which put him in hospital with terrible burns.

Her neglect of the boys and infidelity saw her thrown out by a betrayed Alfie leading to him finding comfort in the arms of his wife’s cousin Hayley, who had moved out to Spain to work with the pair helping to run the bar. A one-night stand resulted in an unplanned pregnancy and a few months after Hayley came back to Walford to stay with her family, she and Alfie had a clandestine meeting on his secret visit to London in which he broke the lovestruck Slater’s heart by telling her he regretted their night together and insisted she have an abortion.


Fast forward six months and Hayley gave birth to a baby girl, who only Jean Slater knows is Alfie’s, and Mr Moon himself has reappeared in the UK with him and Kat making tentative steps towards a reconciliation – but he has no idea Hayley kept their child. And Kat doesn’t know Alfie slept with Hayley. Yet…

Will the podcast explain more about how Alfie and Hayley ended up together, and whether it was more than just a one-off liaison? And what of Kat’s bad behaviour – will we learn why she cheated on Alfie and if she’s as unfit a mother as her other half branded her?


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