Emmerdale: Lachlan covers his tracks – but Rebecca has left a message…

Will his victim end up exposing his killer sprees?


Emmerdale’s Rebecca White may have become killer Lachlan White’s latest victim, but his former captive has left a secret message that could lead to her nasty nephew’s crimes being exposed.


Following last night’s gripping cliffhanger in which Lachlan strangled Bex after foiling her escape attempt from her woodland shack prison, today’s episode (Friday 10 August) picked up with Lucky at the scene of the crime with no sign of Rebecca.

Returning home to and claiming to Lydia Hart he was out on the lash all night with a business associate, Lachlan set about covering his tracks by sneaking back to the shack to clean the place up – narrowly avoiding being caught by Lydia and Sam Dingle who were out searching for Zak’s dog – then sending a text fro Bex’s phone saying she was staying in Wales and thought it best if son Seb was with daddy Robert full time.

Aaron Dingle was not convinced when he learnt about the message and urged Lucky to get in touch with his aunt, fearful for her state of mind, with the murdering teen trying his best to put him off the scent by insisting Rebecca obviously doesn’t want to be found.


Realising he’d left his wallet at the shack, Lucky made his excuses and headed back yet again (surely someone will spot him there eventually?!), but after retrieving it and leaving viewers saw a message scrawled into the wall saying ‘Lachlan is a killer’, clearly left by the doomed Ms White…

Mystery still surrounds the final fate of Rebecca – are we to assume she’s really dead this time? We didn’t actually see the moment she died, but let’s not forget Emmerdale is a pre-watershed show. Are we to assume Lachlan buried her body under the floorboards or in the woods? Did he get a crisis of conscience after a struggle and let her go, making her promise to disappear and keep quiet? Or merely move her to another location to continue keeping her hostage?

And what of Aaron’s incessant digging? Lachlan appeared very put out by his constant questions – if he gets close to busting the cover story, could he be his next target?


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