Emmerdale: Graham is haunted by dead wife’s ‘ghost’ – but will his horror lead to Joe’s death?

Andrew Scarborough reveals that a drunken Graham lashes out - with potentially deadly consequences


The normally unflappable Graham Foster looks will lose control in a big way on next week’s Emmerdale when he starts to see disturbing visions of his late wife. As fans of the ITV soap already know, ten years ago, a drunk Graham was behind the wheel during a crash that killed his pregnant wife and their unborn child. Now, on the anniversary of their death, Graham looks set to be spooked by an eerie reminder of the past.


“He’s haunted by this particular event. He’s obviously had a lot of tragic events in his life, but this one has shaped him and left him with a lot of guilt and remorse,” says Andrew Scarborough, referencing pivotal scenes that give the opportunity to visit Graham’s past thanks to some specially filmed flashbacks.

But it’s when past events start bleeding into the present day that things become particularly disturbing as Graham is haunted by visualisations of his dead spouse. “He might be hallucinating – it may all be in his mind. But could it be a ghost? What I will say is that it’s like lifting the lid off and having a little look inside Graham’s head. You’ll see this guy trying to contain the monster inside. Or does he?”


Pretty soon, Graham is lashing out at all around him, with Frank, Chas and Cain all making him see red. But it’s in a booze-fuelled clash with boss Joe Tate where events could turn potentially fatal.

“Joe thinks that he can calm Graham down and it doesn’t well,” says Scarborough of the moment where his self-loathing character loses control completely and charges at the Home Farm businessman. So how will this rash act affect that relationship with Joe? “Well, if he’s alive, you mean! It’s not looking very good at all for Joe in this episode. And Graham is going to be a bit of a pariah in the village after what’s happened. We’ll have to wait and see how he makes up for it.”


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