Emmerdale: Daz confronts Beth as Amelia is found – but he ends up arrested! Mark Jordon interview

"He is overwhelmed to be reunited with his daughter, but people still think he was involved"


The case of missing Emmerdale schoolgirl Amelia Spencer is solved next week when Daz Spencer finally tracks down his biological daughter and faces her kidnapper, the mysterious Beth – but far from being hailed a hero, Daz is still accused of being involved in the abduction and is arrested again!


Having received a ransom demand from Amelia’s captor, Daz decides to arrange a rendezvous alone as his family still believe he knows more than he is letting on about the disappearance, adding to the tension between him and brother Dan after the bombshell that Amelia is not his child.


“Daz knows the police won’t be on his side because no matter how much he pleads his innocence, everything keeps pointing back to Daz. Even Kerry has started to doubt him so he has to do this on his own.”

There’s also the small matter of raising the ransom money, which also raises Dan’s suspicions of his sibling. “Daz asks the family for cash but Dan is convinced it’s one of his scams and there is no ransom, he’s trying to get money together to disappear. So Daz is left with only a couple of illegal options!”

When he arrives at the agreed meeting point, Daz is surprised to see a young, petite woman with Amelia – who looks completely unharmed and even happy to be with her abductor. But the tense situation explodes when Beth sees Daz has come armed with a spanner – thinking she’s about to be attacked she flees and tells a torn Amelia to run.


“Daz has taken a weapon to protect himself as Beth has been using a voice changer on the phone calls so he has no idea who of the age, gender or build of who is about to face,” continues Jordon. “He forgets to hide it and Beth assumes he plans to hurt her so she legs it!

“Eventually he manages to catch up with Beth and observes the situation between her and Amelia. He’s overwhelmed to be reunited with her and is happy to get her back. However, people still firmly believe he was behind it and think he’s brought her back because he was close to getting discovered and faked the kidnapping. Unfortunately it’s back to the police cell and the family turning against him.”

Amelia’s disappearance has captured the public’s imagination in recent weeks, with theories flooding the internet as more about Daz’s dodgy past is drip-fed to fans. “There are loads of armchair detectives and they’re doing a great job!” enthuses Jordon.

“We’re all so pleased everyone is getting behind the storyline. It’s turned out even better than we could’ve hoped. It’s been fun to add little nuances in to throw viewers off the scent, to give that extra suspicion and red herrings. And I love being a bad boy!”


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