EastEnders: Stuart reveals he’s a paedophile hunter – but will Mick now join his crusade?

The Queen Vic landlord looks set to become embroiled in Stuart's risky plans

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Stuart Highway has revealed to best mate Mick Carter that he’s a paedophile hunter. Prior to tonight’s episode of EastEnders, Mick had been questioning his loyalties to Stuart after discovering a collection of images of underage girls on his mobile phone. After deciding to report his friend to the police, Mick ended up losing his temper with Stuart in scenes just shown, only for the truth to eventually come out.


During a showdown in the Queen Vic, Stuart revealed that he knew all about Mick’s trip to the police station thanks to a “courtesy call” from a DI who he knows. Stuart then explained that he’s not a paedophile, but actually sets up fake profiles of girls online in order to expose and then hunt sexual predators. Not yet willing to take Stuart at his word, Mick was convinced to talk to Halfway, who confirmed Stuart’s story.

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The revelation looks set to be a major turning point in the plotline, with Mick now set to be drawn into Stuart’s plans. Tomorrow’s episode of EastEnders sees the Queen Vic landlord feeling guilty for having doubted his old pal as he spends the day trying to make things up to him. But Stuart soon admits that he needs Mick help when it comes to confronting his targets.

Uneasy with the notion of taking the law into their own hands, Mick voices his fears to Stuart who insists he’s no vigilante and it’s not about violence – all he does is present them with evidence he’s gleaned in order to take them to task. Will Mick decide to help Stuart’s risky crusade?

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Later next week, Stu recruits younger brother Halfway as he prepares to track down another perverted predator to teach them a lesson as part of his one-man crimefighter act. Jittery Mick persuades Halfway not to get involved, but the ex-army chef snaps at his mate and expresses his fears of letting down his troubled sibling if he doesn’t go along with his wishes…

Will Stuart’s brand of justice end up putting himself, Mick and Highway in danger?


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