Emmerdale: Dingles reject Debbie after acid attack exposure

Can Debbie do anything to make amends?


Debbie Dingle will be made a pariah in next week’s Emmerdale when word of her involvement in Ross’s acid attack reaches the ears of her nearest and dearest.


With Ross lashing out and fed up of everyone’s interference, Pete starts to feel that the upset is all down to Debbie.

Fans of the ITV soap will then see Pete publicly confronting Debbie and telling her that it was she who’s ruined Ross’s life.


Observing all this, Chas orders Debbie into the back room at the Woolpack, which is where she finally admits all about what happened with Ross.

In the aftermath, Debbie will be left upset when Faith says that Sarah no longer wants to see her.

And later on, when Faith brings her round to talk to Debbie, Sarah refuses to make peace and instead blames Joe, accusing him of turning Debbie into a horrible person.

Can Debbie do anything to make amends? Or is this the moment when her family turn their backs on her?


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