EastEnders: who has the heist money? 10 big suspects revealed

Could there be an unexpected culprit?


Suspicion remains rife on EastEnders as to who could have snatched the cash from the New Year’s heist. Nearly a month on from the robbery, fans are still none the wiser about who’s in possession from the money. But could the culprit come out of left field?


Tuesday’s episode of the BBC1 soap will see Phil and Mel joining forces and deciding that Mick is the likeliest suspect. But with the Queen Vic landlord adamant that he’s without the funds to buy back the pub’s freehold, it doesn’t seem likely. So, instead, we’ve compiled a list of those who just might have the haul…

Bernadette Taylor
In the run-up to the heist, Bernadette was seen eavesdropping on the gang’s clandestine meetings. Might she have taken a chance and replaced the contents of Ben’s suitcase with back issues of the Walford Gazette?

Sharon Mitchell
Sharon has been out shopping A LOT lately. But whose money is she spending? Might she have turned the tables on husband Phil and decided that she was going to benefit from his crimes?


Jay Brown
He had the best access to Ben’s suitcase, what with him being his housemate. He could well have done the switch and be in possession of the money.

Keegan Baker
Nothing much escapes Keegan’s attention and he was certainly on Aidan’s radar during his first weeks in Walford. We wouldn’t put it past him to have got one over on his elders.

EastEnders - October-December 2017 - 5605

Billy Mitchell
He may be a respected member of the community these days, but let’s not forget one-time chancer Billy has a less-than savoury past. And he did look crestfallen when Aidan appeared to overlook him in the run-up to the robbery. But would he really betray Phil in such a fashion?

Karen Taylor
Having now secured a job at the launderette, might she be laundering the money (pun very much intended) through the business? Perhaps the gang should be checking those washing baskets…

EastEnders - January-April 2018 - 5635

Vincent Hubbard
He stands to lose more than most if he’s forced to sell the Albert and there’s certainly animosity between him and Aidan. Next week’s episodes will see him toying with the idea of ratting Aidan out to the police – but is this an elaborate way of deflecting attention?

Aidan Maguire
Despite his rage at not being in possession of what he considers to be rightfully his, Aidan remains an enigmatic figure and someone very much capable of a double, triple or even quadruple bluff. Might he be hoodwinking his supposed associates?

Keanu Taylor
Actor Danny Walters recently told RadioTimes.com that the culprit will be revealed imminently – so does he have insider information? “You will find out very soon who’s got the money, but all I can say is that it could be any one of the guys… and it could be anyone on the Square!” said the star.


Phil Mitchell
He was supposedly out of the country at the time that Ben left town, but surely no one gets to hoodwink Phil so easily? The hard man always has a ready supply of readies – so has anyone perused the contents of that Mitchell safe recently?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on EastEnders below


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