Emmerdale: Pete’s flashback to reveal more clues in Emma murder mystery

We'll find out what the eldest Barton boy has been hiding…

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There are more clues revealed in Emmerdale’s sensational whodunnit next week when Pete Barton has a flashback to the day his mother Emma was murdered. What light will be shed on his whereabouts?


Suspicion has been rife among the villagers since the police announced they were treating evil Emma’s death as murder rather than suicide, and eldest son Pete has pointed the finger at several suspects – including members of his own family.

But does this mean Pete himself has something big to hide, and is only placing blame at everyone else’s door to take the heat off him?

Over the last few weeks, the show has teased glimpses of flashbacks among the seven suspects, and Pete’s peak into the recent past showed him in an angry confrontation with his mum shortly before her death. Could this have been the physical tussle forensic evidence detected had occurred before Emma fell from the viaduct?

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Next week, Leyla Harding consoles grieving Pete as he continues to struggle in the aftermath of his mum’s grisly demise. Confirmation that the fit farmer has been concealing a big secret comes when he has another flashback… But what will it reveal? And will we end up with more questions than answers?

Speaking about the possibility his character could be the killer, Anthony Quinlan said recently: “Pete has got more motive than anyone else – Emma killed his dad, his brother, and stole what he thought was his baby. He’s got history of trying to kill someone in the past when he actually believed he’d killed Ross.”

Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod has said Emma’s killer will be unmasked before Christmas – could it be as early as next week in Pete’s flashback scenes?


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