The Archers: who splat Matt? The 12 big suspects!

Who is responsible for putting Matt Crawford in intensive care?

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Radio 4 soap The Archers has launched its very own whodunnit this week thanks to villain Matt Crawford being involved in a hit and run.


As listeners have heard, an unidentified driver gunned their car at Matt and put him in intensive care. And let’s face it, there are no shortage of suspects who wanted to do Matt harm.

As actor Kim Durham, who plays Matt, said recently: “Half of Ambridge was in the car, wasn’t it?

To narrow it down, we took a look at those likely to be questioned by Ambridge’s most astute police investigators…well, PC Harrison Burns…

Prime suspect has to be Justin Elliott, who was incensed by fiancee Lilian’s closeness to her “Tiger”. Could he have attempted to bump Matt off? Something tells us that would be too obvious…

Is Justin Elliott (Simon Williams) guilty?
Is Justin Elliott (Simon Williams) guilty?

Tom Archer was, of course, giving Matt evils across the bar on the night of the attack. He’s aggrieved because Bridge Farm lost thousands on a land deal thanks to Matt’s sabotage.

One of Matt’s most vocal critics has been Shula Hebden Lloyd, who has been fretting about Mr Crawford’s besmirching of the vets’ reputation. Might she have taken action? Or could husband Alistair Lloyd be in the frame?

Did Shula (Judy Bennett) let her anger boil over?
Did Shula (Judy Bennett) let her anger boil over?

Then we have Adam Macy, who stepped in to defend Lilian’s honour, only to get into a fight with Matt. He could well have let his anger get the better of him, as might husband Ian Craig

And let’s not discount the likes of Josh Archer (who has recently purchased a new car), Lily Pargetter (notorious speed demon), Alice Carter (possibly drink driving?) and Nic Grundy (in a hurry after the end of her shift at the Bull).

Finally, do we really believe that Anisha Jayakody was out of the village at the time of the attack? And what about Lilian Bellamy herself? Is she upset over what’s happened – or feeling guilty about lashing out?


Amateur Ambridge detectives should cast their vote below: