Hollyoaks: Amy’s mad mum Kathy Barnes shoots Ryan Knight in trial week death shock?

The grieving parent found a gun in tonight's episode. Uh-oh...


Hollyoaks’ trial week is building to an explosive climax, with the verdict on Ste Hay’s court case due tomorrow and James Nightingale desperately trying to frame stalker DS Armstrong to protect real killer Harry Thompson. But tonight’s episode teased a huge twist as murdered Amy Barnes’s unstable mum Kathy found a gun and hinted she’s planning to resort to desperate measures to get grandkids Leah and Lucas all to herself – by putting stepdad Ryan Knight out of the picture permanently…


Clashing with her son-in-law over betraying her tragic daughter’s memory by moving on with Tegan Lomax, fuming Kathy took her grandchildren for a day at the beach and was clearly seething at Ryan’s unsuitability as a parent and forgetting about Amy so easily.


The afternoon in the sunshine took a sinister turn when Leah discovered a gun while playing in the sand (possibly the one gangster Shane Sweeney dropped before he vanished in the dunes a few weeks back?), and Kathy secretly hid it in her handbag while pretending she’d called the police to retrieve the firearm.


As she berated Ry Ry to the kids and promised she’d take them away to live with her, she had a worrying look in her eye about how she was going to ‘sort things’ with Ryan, knowing he won’t willingly give up Leah and Lucas without a fight…

Earlier this week it was reported that there would be a shock shooting at the end of Hollyoaks’ epic trial week, but details on who the victim or the perpetrator would be were unclear.

But with crackers Kathy now in possession of a pistol and a massive grudge against her grandchildren’s stepfather, could she be the one who pulls the trigger? A gun is definitely on its way to the village, but will someone else get hold of it?


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