EastEnders: Max and Fi’s affair rumbled by Steven – here’s what happens next

Looks like it's checkmate between Mr Branning and Mr Beale...


Steven Beale rumbled Max Branning’s secret relationship with Fi Browning in tonight’s EastEnders – but he’s keeping the knowledge to himself for now. Presumably he’s working out how to get the most out of blackmailing his future father-in-law… 


Max and Fi’s romance was recently revealed as part of another shock twist in the mysterious Weyland storyline, with the pair apparently in cahoots on the plan to destroy Albert Square by buying up all the local businesses.


Love rat Max is stringing along Carmel Kazemi, who’s smitten with the Walford lothario but has no idea he’s living with blonde businesswoman Fi and is using Carm to get inside information on the council’s objections to Weyland’s antics.

In tonight’s episode, Max and Fi enjoyed some sneaky ‘alone time’ in the Queen Vic gents’ toilets (classy), but didn’t realise Steven overheard them getting cosy in a cubicle as he paid a visit to the facilities.


Shooting the pair a furtive look, Steven said nothing – but this ups the stakes between the pair, as Max knows his daughter’s fiance is lying about his brain tumour and is helping him maintain the charade. Although Max could blow Steven’s deceit at any moment, Steven knowing about him and Fi gives him more leverage…

In tomorrow’s episode, Steven is feeling the pressure as Lauren insists on visiting her mum having been urged by granny Cora Cross to be honest with her feelings. Can he rely on Max help him keep the dastardly plan on track? 

With today’s news that Steven is leaving the soap later this summer, this just makes the prospect of a juicy exit for the barmy Mr Beale even more tantalising…

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