Emmerdale: tragedy for Nell Fairfax as her baby dies

Could this devastating twist drive Nell back to drugs?


There was a devastating shock for Nell Fairfax in tonight’s Emmerdale as she learnt the tragic news that her baby daughter Rosie had died.


The troubled recovering addict was due to see her estranged child at a visit arranged by social services, but was acting strangely when Priya Kotecha tracked her down at the Sharma house.


As an emotional Nell revealed she knew Priya was conducting a clandestine affair with Pete Barton behind his girlfriend Leyla Harding’s back, there was a big showdown between the women – but it was clear Ms Fairfax had more on her mind than what her boyfriend Jai’s little sister had been up to. 

When Nell confessed she had received a worrying call from social services ahead of the meeting, Priya pushed Nell into admitting what she’d been told – that Rosie had passed away suddenly because of a heart condition.


Jai returned to comfort Nell, who was numb with grief and blaming herself for not being there for her child since she was taken into care.

The couple have been through many ups and downs since Nell arrived in the village earlier this year, with Jai’s family being wary of her and fearful of them becoming another co-dependent relationship destroyed by drugs, like the doomed romance with Jai’s ex Holly Barton who’s heroin addiction led to her death. 

Nell eventually told Jai she had a baby girl called Rosie who had been taken by social services at the height of her addiction, and Mr Sharma had been helping his girlfriend to regain custody. 


Next week, in the aftermath of the tragic news about Rosie, Jai grows increasingly concerned for Nell, resulting in a confrontation when she accuses him of talking about her private life with the factory workers behind her back.

Will Rosie’s death cause Nell to relapse? Could history repeat itself and Nell be heading the same way as tragic Holly Barton? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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