Emmerdale: Robron’s future revealed – and it involves Rebecca’s baby…

New teasers for soap’s rollercoaster couple


Robron fans were in uproar at the revelation that Robert Sugden had betrayed his beloved other half Aaron Dingle by sleeping with Rebecca White – and getting her pregnant.


Now Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod has addressed the backlash from the boys’ army of followers and also revealed some teasers for the popular pair’s spring and summer storylines.

“At the beginning of May there’s a special hour-long episode where Robert and Aaron’s relationship is hanging in the balance. I hope it will answer some of the concerns the ardent Robron fans have about the direction the story is taking, and satisfy their worries.

“I’m as anxious as everyone else to see them have a happy ending but my personal view on soap couples is that the happy ones don’t tend to get much screen time.

“The best couples are the ones with inbuilt conflict and passion who make mistakes, make up, break up and hurt each other.

“I’d much rather watch that than see people go for candlelit suppers, which we will do at some point, but if you do it in every episode it becomes wearisome.

“If you ask me genuinely if I think Robert and Aaron will be together in two, three or five years’ time, then ‘yes’ is the answer to that. There may be some turbulence and passion along the way, and hopefully grand, operatic scenes everyone will love.”

As MacLeod hinted earlier in the year, there may be a second wedding for the boys, as the last ceremony was very last-minute and not strictly official – so when can we expect the proper nuptials on screen?

“We’ve not storylined it yet,” he admits, “but we deliberately didn’t make their first wedding official so as not to rule out the possibility of there being two Robron weddings. At some point you’ll definitely be getting an official romantic wedding that will be heart-warming, joyous and everything everyone wants it to be.”

The thorn between the two roses is of course Rebecca White, pregnant after a drunken night when Robert turned to his ex after rejecting Aaron for using drugs again in prison. But the character has shifted from being the haughty homewrecker of Home Farm to being a more sympathetic casualty of Robert’s emotional manipulation – and MacLeod promises more layers to Ms White will be peeled back over the coming months.

“First of all, Robert and Rebecca have no romantic future together. I feel sorry for Rebecca: she fell for Robert years ago before he’d met Aaron, he got her pregnant, forced her into an abortion, dumped her and married her sister, then tricked her back to Emmerdale and led her into believing there was hope for them – then got her pregnant again.

“Just as she was moving on with Ross, Robert seduced her again. Objectively speaking Robert’s put her through the mill.

“I totally get that everyone wants her to leave Robron alone, but if Rebecca was my friend I wouldn’t be thinking she’s the baddie – Robert is.

“Hopefully she’ll redeem herself in the coming months and the audience will see she’s been trampled by Robert. It’s actually a bit tragic as he’s the love of her life in her mind, but she knows it’s not going to happen.” 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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