Coronation Street: Michelle chooses Robert and declares war on Steve – here’s what happens next

Michelle's revenge has only just started...


The fight between Michelle and Steve in Coronation Street just got really nasty, as Michelle officially hooked up with Robert and had an epic showdown with her cheating husband in the Rovers.


Following the cliffhanger to the first of tonight’s Corrie double bill where Michelle and Robert shared a kiss, it became clear what the passionate pair had been up to while EastEnders was on as the second episode picked up with the couple post-coital in Robert’s bed discussing the future of their relationship.


Michelle assured Robert he’s the man for her and that Steve McDonald is a distant memory. Snogging in the Victoria Court lifts like a couple of lovesick teenagers, the elevator doors opened on the ground floor to reveal Steve, who was at the apartment block to visit Oliver but ended up getting a lot more than he bargained for.

A furious row ensued where recriminations flew between the threesome, and relations between Steve and Michelle sunk to an all-time low as Steve vowed she’d have a fight on her hands if she wanted half of everything in the divorce – just hours after Michelle had been considering attending a marriage counselling session with her hubby.


But the real fireworks came in the final scene when Michelle stormed into the pub and demanded Steve give her a divorce and half of the McDonald empire (such as it is). The gloves were well and truly off as Michelle lost it and raged at Steve, throwing her wedding ring in his face and telling him she wants him out of her life – and that she will do whatever it takes to get what she’s entitled to.  

With battle lines drawn, Michelle is moving on with new man Robert – but could it all be a case of ‘too much too soon’ for the couple? 


Next week, Michelle starts her new job as manager of the bistro, meaning she’s spending even more time with Mr Preston. Echoing Steve’s warning in tonight’s episodes, Leanne tells Robert on Monday that Michelle could well be on the rebound and that Robert should be careful.

As Lee offers an olive branch to Michelle by seeking her out at the bistro, what kind of a welcome will she receive? And will Leanne be able to resist interfering in Robert’s love life by sticking her oar in to his romance with Michelle? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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