Emmerdale: Cain and Harriet will get “serious”, reveals soap boss

And it looks like the village vicar's saucy behaviour will be getting in trouble with the diocese


Emmerdale fans currently enjoying the sexual chemistry between Cain and Harriet can expect the romantic fizz to continue over the weeks ahead.


Having already instigated a snog last week, Cain will once again use his charms on Harriet in an upcoming episode after the village vicar catches him stashing stolen goods at the church.

But show boss Iain MacLeod has revealed to RadioTimes.com that what has started out as illicit trysts will soon become something a lot more substantial:

“Moira is the love of Cain’s life, but there comes a point where you can only have the door shut in your face so many times! And with someone like Cain, male pride dictates that you need to go and get laid.

So, what starts as a sexy, fun, naughty affair where the angel is sleeping with the devil, does turn into something more serious in a way that questions Cain’s feelings about what he wants from life and his romantic life. That’s really big.”


However, viewers should expect Harriet’s licentious behaviour to raise eyebrows among her church bosses: Added MacLeod:

“Harriet will probably will get into trouble with the diocese to comedy effect. There’s some fun stuff coming up – a guy called Bishop Barry makes an appearance and Harriet gets her knuckles rapped!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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