EastEnders: will Shirley go to prison for Mick?

Does Shirley's future lie behind bars?


Shirley Carter looks set to face prison after deciding to take the blame for her family’s current financial crisis. In the first of this evening’s two episodes of EastEnders, Shirley opted to save Mick from a jail sentence after realising that she’d avoided responsibility for far too long.


Scenes just broadcast saw Johnny demanding that Mick tell Linda the truth about Lee and the debts before he goes to prison. But just as Mick was set to admit defeat, Shirley swooped in with a rescue plan.

As it happens, Shirley had just had a heart to heart with Tina, who’d lambasted her sister for failing to care properly for their ailing mum Sylvie. Having a crisis of conscience, Shirley then chose to put her nearest and dearest first rather than herself.

After admitting that she knew about Babe contravening the licensing laws, Shirley told her son: “I’m finally stepping up, Mick. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you, son. I’m going to get you out of this mess, whether you like it or not.”

EastEnders fans won’t have long to wait to see whether Shirley goes through with it – the soap returns for its second episode of the evening at 8.30pm.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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