Coronation Street: Rosie Webster returns – full comeback storyline revealed!

Actress Helen Flanagan rocks up in Weatherfield again next week


Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) has been out in Miami staying with her sister Rosie (Helen Flanagan) for the past few months. But both of them will make the journey from sun-drenched beaches to ice-cold cobbles next week when they return to Coronation Street, bringing plenty of drama with them! We would expect nothing less.


Early next week, Tyrone reminds Kevin that he needs to sack Sophie if the garage is to survive. And soon after, Sophie gets back from Miami and tells her dad she’s brought a surprise home with her. He goes outside and is over the moon to see Rosie get out of the taxi!

She lugs her numerous suitcases into the house, talking non-stop gibberish all the while. Kevin and Sophie think it’s hilarious while Anna wonders what’s got into her.

Their joyous reunion doesn’t last long, though, and soon the police turn up at Kevin’s house with a search warrant.

Stating that they have reason to believe there are illegal drugs on the property, the police begin to search through Rosie and Sophie’s luggage. Did the Webster girls get involved in anything shady while they were abroad?

Meanwhile, Kevin fills Sophie in on all of the financial difficulties he’s been facing since paying her medical bill, telling her about losing the truck and watching the garage go up in smoke. Sophie takes it all in and feels terrible.

Later in the week, Rosie and Sophie are released by the police. They resolve to extricate themselves from the mess they’ve found themselves in but they’re horrified by the information they uncover next. After mulling over their options, Rosie comes up with a plan.

Meanwhile, could Adam be a potential new love interest for Rosie? After he and Tracy find Luke trapped under a car at the garage, Adam uses a jack to lift the vehicle. Luke manages to crawl out and Kevin – who has been agreeing to more work than ever in an attempt to save the business – takes full responsibility for the accident, telling them he didn’t use the safety stand.

He can hardly afford to be sued right now but Tracy warns Kevin he hasn’t heard the last of this. Adam takes the opportunity to ask Rosie out, saying he’ll persuade Luke not to sue her dad if she’ll agree to a date…

So what exactly did the Webster girls get up to in Miami and what do they discover now they’re back in the UK? What lies in store for fiery Rosie Webster, especially when it comes to a potential romance with Adam? One thing’s for sure, she definitely knows how to make an entrance…

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