Casualty: 10 big teasers for this Saturday’s aftermath episode

Grace's fate - revealed! Plus news of Duffy's future. And Alicia has a nickname


Last week’s episode of Casualty saw the drama celebrate its 30th anniversary by smashing a helicopter into the ED. But what happens in the aftermath of the crash? How’s Grace? Will Duffy stay on? And how will the staff respond to Elle being in charge? Here’s your indispensable guide to what lies ahead on this Saturday’s visit to Holby…


1. Grace has had an ICP bolt inserted to measure pressure inside her head and Connie is keeping vigil at her bedside. Will she listen to Charlie’s pleas that she rest?


2. The week’s main stunt is a car accident in which a heavily pregnant woman (played by Laura Howard AKA Cully Barnaby from Midsomer Murders) is thrown from the car.

3. Elle Gardner is made acting clinical lead in the ED in Connie’s absence. Her efforts to incentivise the staff meets with a mixed reception.


4. Dylan gets narky about the noise caused by the rebuilding work (yes, we kind of saw that one coming, too…)

5. Duffy decides to do one shift only, but Charlie bets her £20 that she’ll apply for a vacant band seven post. Will she stay on or pursue her plans to retire?


6. Louise assures everyone that she’s coping in the wake of the helicopter crash, but ends up kicking a hole in the wall of the relatives’ room after getting frustrated. Is the situation with Grace affecting her more than she’s letting on?

7. Robyn is left devastated when Glen’s biopsy shows that he only has two years left to live.

8. Is it just us or is Duffy now looking very longingly in Charlie’s direction?

9. Alicia’s mum turns up as a patient and reveals that her daughter’s nickname is “Scooby”. Is it too much to hope for an Alicia and Ethan-centric episode entitled ‘Scooby and Nibbles’?


10. Plus everyone plays basketball in the ambulance bay – doctors v nurses. Losing team buys dinner. Quick, someone call Dr Greene and Dr Ross from ER…


Casualty can be seen at 9.10pm on Saturday, BBC1. You can watch Casualty’s new autumn trailer below