Viewers stunned by Casualty 30th anniversary… and the return of some familiar faces

Pat Butcher actress Pam St Clement’s appearance was just one thing to get viewers going in an enthralling anniversary episode


Casualty had it all last night – drama, mayhem, a helicopter crash…and of course the return to BBC1 of EastEnders actress Pam St Clement.


Her turn as crotchety patient Sally Hodge was just one of the many highlights of a night of 100-minutes of drama that had viewers spellbound and calling for Baftas all round.

The key event in the episode, of course, came when a young boy’s drone interfered with an Air Ambulance helcopter sending it plunging down on the hospital and causing mayhem.

Viewers were stunned even if the likely disaster – coming as Charlie Fairhead celebrated his 30 years in the job –  had been heavily trailed by the BBC:

One said:

And many of you enjoyed Pam St Clement’s appearance as the star, famed for playing Pat Butcher in the BBC soap EastEnders, sparred in her new guise with Derek Thompson’s Charlie Fairhead:

The return of another old favourite was also popular with fans as Cathy Shipton’s Lisa “Duffy” Duffin made another appearance before her full-time return to the show: 

But there is still a lot to be sorted out as Connie reels in the wake of injuries sustained by her daughter Grace:


Could Casualty ever top this?