Love Island 2016’s best and worst bits: from ‘toastie-gate’ to Zara Holland’s de-crowning

Love Island's final is looming so it's a time to reflect on the good and the bad bits from inside this year's villa...


Another year and another series of Love Island is coming to an end. There’s been highs, lows, love, heartache and as ITV2 closes the villa of love (for now) it seems only right to have a look back at the good and the bad bits…


GOOD: How quickly Nathan and Cara became the most hilarious couple

It barely took an episode for him to describe her as his perfect meat and her job as ‘porn’. 

BAD: Whenever Nathan and Cara rowed. 

No, just no no no no no. 

GOOD: When Zara Holland said she was ‘just Zara’ and wouldn’t mention the fact that she was Miss GB… and then said it alllllllllll the time

Annoying but hilarious. 

BAD: When Zara was stripped of her Miss GB crown after spending the night with Alex 

You keep on wearing your invisible crown, Zara. 

GOOD: When Rykard tried to be gallant and follow Rachel out of the show…

BAD: …only for Caroline Flack to reveal he’d had an ‘adult sleepover’ with Olivia

He knew the cameras all had tape in them, right?

GOOD: When Malin and Terry rowed over her chopping up a toastie and it randomly became the ‘thing’ of the series

BAD: When Tom’s ex Emma-Jane turned up

GOOD: Emma and Tom’s new girlfriend Sophie got on like a house on fire

BAD: But then she got with Terry who was meant to be with toastie cutter-upper Malin

GOOD: Malin unexpectedly came back and all of us viewers patted ourselves on the back for basically making it happen

Ah, the power of moaning on Twitter. 

BAD: When Zara – one of our favourite islanders – left

GOOD: When Sophie gave her AWESOME speech about what being Miss GB (and a woman) should really be about

BAD: But then Adam would say things like ‘f them and chuck them…’

GOOD: When they played new games like ‘mugged off’, which saw the islanders get a face full of (cold) tea if they were suspected of saying something ‘muggy’ about someone else

Yeah, Adam got caught out in this eventually (hurrah!)

BAD: When Sophie got an adorable dog and then left!

GOOD: When there were arguments that didn’t involve your favourites

You could just kick back and eat the snacks

BAD: When it was Saturday and it was only a catch-up show

GOOD: Whenever the islanders got a text and felt the need to broadcast it to the whole of Mallorca

Of course you totally do this when with your fellow Love Island-loving friends. 

BAD: It’s nearly over for another year

Although it’s done so well in the ratings, ITV2 are bound to bring it back


Love Island continues nightly at 9:00pm on ITV2 – concludes Monday 11th July