Home and Away: Ed Sheeran guests as Teddy – who puts on an impromptu concert, plus Ricky and Nate admit they still have feelings for each other

26-30 October: Plus Hannah hides her new relationship with Chris from her friends. And Leah is hurt when Hunter tells her that Zac is staying with him and Charlotte

Monday 26 October


Ash is distressed to find out that Phoebe thinks Kyle would make a better father than he would. Nate and Kat officially break up. Denny mourns Casey on the anniversary of his death, and when she later admits to making travelling plans, Kat asks to go with her. Ricky and Nate confess that they still have feelings for each other and fall into each otherʼs arms. 

Tuesday 27 October

Hannah hides her new relationship with Chris from her friends. Kat experiences distressing flashbacks when she revisits the scene of her shooting. Denny hosts a dinner in Caseyʼs memory. Nate wants to get together with Ricky but she tells him that it is not going to happen. After splitting up with Leah, Zac packs his bags and moves out. 

Wednesday 28 October

Charlotte offers Zac a place to stay while he looks for something permanent. Matt is mean to Maddy in an effort to hide his feelings for her, but Evie discovers the truth and warns him that he will lose her friendship if he keeps behaving badly. Leah is devastated when Hunter breaks the news that Zac is staying with them. Zac is taken aback when Charlotte leans in to kiss him. 

Thursday 29 October

Marilyn gets a visit from a boy that she used to nanny, who turns out to none other than Ed Sheeran. Zac and Leah get back together, but when Hunter finds out he flies off the handle and finally shows Zac his dark side. Andy is gobsmacked when he learns that Hunter was the one who set the fire at Leahʼs house. 


Friday 30 October

When Andy discovers how much Hunter is hurting from the lack of a father figure he decides to keep Charlotteʼs secret about Hunter starting the fire. Hannah overcomes her initial doubts and grandly announces to the whole Bay that she and Chris are an item. Kyle and Ash call a truce after Phoebe is warned by the sonographer to avoid stressful situations.